Incubus Re-Records 'Morning View' Album as 'Morning View XXIII'

Incubus releases re-recorded album Morning View XXIII, featuring same 13 tracks as 2001 original, ahead of Southern Hemisphere tour. Band will perform album in full on upcoming US arena tour with special guest Coheed and Cambria.

Bijay Laxmi
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Incubus Re-Records 'Morning View' Album as 'Morning View XXIII'

Incubus Re-Records 'Morning View' Album as 'Morning View XXIII'

Incubus has released a re-recorded version of their 2001 album, Morning View, titled Morning View XXIII, ahead of their upcoming Southern Hemisphere tour where they will perform the album in full. Lead vocalist Brandon Boyd discussed the band's decision to re-record the album in a recent interview with Consequence.

Boyd acknowledged that many fans love the original album as it is, stating, "A lot of people love this album the way it is — it's not like it's broken." However, the band wanted to capture how the songs have evolved and changed over the past few decades of performing them live. "These songs have morphed and changed as we've played them live for so long," Boyd explained. "They've evolved out into totally different arrangements and then made their way back to the original arrangement."

The re-recorded Morning View XXIII features the same 13 tracks as the original album, but with different embellishments while still maintaining the essence of the songs. When the band released a new version of "Echo" in February 2024, Boyd faced some initial criticism about hisevolved singing voice. However, he noted that negative reactions are common at first, and people eventually started to appreciate the new take.

Boyd discussed the challenges of adapting his vocals over the years, citing factors like sleep, diet, and environmental conditions that affect his voice. He initially tried to make the new versions sound like the originals but eventually embraced the changes, aiming to bring a certain refinement to the songs with over 25 years of touring experience.

Morning View XXIII is now available to stream, featuring Incubus' new bassist Nicole Row. The band will embark on a US arena tour starting in late August, performing the re-recorded album in full with special guest Coheed and Cambria. This tour marks a new chapter for Incubus as they showcase their growth and evolution over the past two and a half decades.