Jinkx Monsoon Delivers Standout Performance as Maestro inDoctor Who

Jinkx Monsoon shines as the Maestro in Doctor Who's "The Devil's Chord" episode, bringing a blend of delight and menace to the role. The episode sets up future storylines, including Ruby Sunday's origins, and features a cameo from composer Murray Gold.

Bijay Laxmi
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Jinkx Monsoon Delivers Standout Performance as Maestro inDoctor Who

Jinkx Monsoon Delivers Standout Performance as Maestro inDoctor Who

In the latest episode of Doctor Who, "The Devil'sChord," Jinkx Monsoon delivers a standout performance as the Maestro, a musical and over-the-top villain from the Toymaker's domain. The Maestro is a brilliant concept, embodying music from a realm that can subvert the show's rules. Monsoon brings the character to life with a perfect blend of delight and menace.

Monsoon's portrayal of the Maestro is distinct from Neil Patrick Harris's Toymaker, making both characters iconic in their own ways. The episode takes advantage of the Toymaker's realm, introducing weird and wild ideas, cinematic techniques, and fourth-wall breaks that serve thestory.

The episode features several highlights, including a silent scene in an alley that is "tinglingly tense," with the Doctor's despair palpable. It also shows the consequences of not stopping the Maestro by jumping forward to 2024 to demonstrate the timeline changes. The climax features a fun confrontation between the Doctor and the Maestro, with a satisfying resolution involving John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

The episode's finale proves that the show is embracing a more upbeat and silly direction, leaving behind fans who resist change. The writer, Ryan Woodrow, is enthusiastic about this new approach, having fun with the opening episodes and embracing the show's tradition of change.

Fans have been raving about the episode on social media. One fan exclaimed, "WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Doctor Who The Devils Chord is just absolute gold". Another praised Monsoon's performance, saying, "My god, Jinkx Monsoon is literally the perfect Doctor Who villain. 10/10. No notes". The Bad Wolf Archives also highlighted the episode's strengths: "The Devil's Chord was EXCELLENT! Really powerful, enticing performances, phenomenal music, creative visuals, and an utterly bonkers plot that just somehow WORKED".

"The Devil's Chord" sets up future storylines, including the mysterious origins of Millie Gibson's companion Ruby Sunday. It also featured a cameo appearance from legendary Doctor Who composer Murray Gold. The next episode, "Boom," will premiere on BBC iPlayer and BBC One on May 18th, 2024.