HYBE Launches Audit of ADOR Amid Controversy, CEO Min Hee Jin Responds

HYBE launches audit of subsidiary ADOR, calls for CEO's resignation amid allegations of power struggle. Dispute raises concerns over K-pop industry's power dynamics and creative control.

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HYBE Launches Audit of ADOR Amid Controversy, CEO Min Hee Jin Responds

HYBE Launches Audit of ADOR Amid Controversy, CEO Min Hee Jin Responds

HYBE, the South Korean entertainment giant behind K-pop sensation BTS, has initiated an audit of its subsidiary label ADOR and called for the resignation of ADOR's CEO Min Hee Jin. The move comes amid allegations of a conflict between HYBE and Min, with the HYBE office lights reportedly remaining on until 1:30 AM during the ongoing controversy.

According to reports, HYBE suspects Min Hee Jin and an unnamed ADOR executive of attempting to gain control of the label, which is home to the popular girl group NewJeans. HYBE claims to have discovered evidence of Min and the executive circulating confidential information to outsiders in a possible bid to attract investors and gain independence from the parent company. An audit was launched to investigate these allegations, with HYBE retrieving company computer assets and pursuing in-person statements from ADOR's management.

In response to the audit and calls for her resignation, Min Hee Jin released a statement denying the accusations and criticizing HYBE. She described the allegations as an "absurd media play" and "punishment" for her criticism of ILLIT, a new girl group under HYBE's Belift Lab subsidiary. Min claimed that ILLIT had plagiarized the concept and style of NewJeans, and accused HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk of being involved in the alleged copying.

Why this matters: The high-profile dispute between HYBE and ADOR has sent shockwaves through the K-pop industry, raising concerns about the power dynamics and creative control within one of the world's most influential entertainment companies. The outcome of the audit and the fate of Min Hee Jin and NewJeans could have significant implications for the future of HYBE and its subsidiaries.

Despite the ongoing feud, NewJeans is reportedly still scheduled to release new music in May and embark on a world tour in 2025. However, fans have expressed concerns about the potential impact of the controversy on the group's activities and future.

The news of the audit has also taken a toll on HYBE's stock price, which plummeted following the announcement. In a statement addressing the situation, HYBE CEO Park Ji Won denied Min's allegations and vowed to take appropriate measures based on the findings of the audit. "We will investigate the issues through an audit and take appropriate measures," Park stated, while reassuring employees of ADOR and Belift Lab to continue their work without being affected by the controversy.

Key Takeaways

  • HYBE initiates audit of subsidiary ADOR, calls for CEO Min Hee-jin's resignation.
  • Allegations of Min and exec trying to gain control of ADOR, home to NewJeans.
  • Min denies accusations, criticizes HYBE for "punishing" her over ILLIT plagiarism claims.
  • Dispute raises concerns over power dynamics and creative control at HYBE.
  • HYBE CEO denies Min's allegations, vows to take appropriate measures based on audit.