Kamasi Washington Drops Genre-Bending Jazz Album 'Fearless Movement'

Kamasi Washington releases new album "Fearless Movement", a 12-track record blending spiritual jazz, funk, and hip-hop. The album features guest artists George Clinton, Thundercat, André 3000, and others, and showcases Washington's diverse and ambitious work.

Aqsa Younas Rana
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Kamasi Washington Drops Genre-Bending Jazz Album 'Fearless Movement'

Kamasi Washington Drops Genre-Bending Jazz Album 'Fearless Movement'

Acclaimed jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington has released his highly anticipated new music, "Fearless Movement." The 12-track record, out now on Young Records, showcases Washington's signature blend of spiritual jazz, funk, and hip-hop influences. Inspired by his experiences as a father, Washington pushes musical boundaries on what may be his most diverse and ambitious work to date.

"Fearless Movement" boasts an impressive lineup of guest artists, elevating Washington's already formidable compositions. Legendary Parliament-Funkadelic frontman George Clinton lends his vocals to the psychedelic-tinged "Astral Traveling," while Thundercat brings his virtuosic bass-playing to the frenetic "Cosmic Rhythm." "I wanted to capture the feeling of childlike wonder and imagination on this record," Washington explains. "Having my own daughter in the studio, even just for a moment, helped channel that energy."

Other notable collaborators include acclaimed rapper André 3000, who contributes a rare flute performance on the atmospheric "Mandela's Dream," and rising R&B star BJ The Chicago Kid, featured on the soulful "The Rhythm Changes." But perhaps the album's most talked-about cameo comes from Washington's own 3-year-old daughter, whose delighted laughter can be heard on the uplifting title track.

Musically, "Fearless Movement" finds Washington and his band The Next Step exploring new sonic territories. The expansive arrangements and improvisational flights that defined earlier works like "The Epic" are still present, but now share space with more structured songwriting and tighter grooves. "I wanted to create something that felt both familiar and fresh," says Washington. "Something that honored the jazz tradition while still pushing forward."

The result is an album that feels both timeless and of-the-moment, reflecting Washington's growing stature as a bandleader and composer. Since his breakout in 2015, the Los Angeles native has become one of modern jazz's most visible ambassadors, collaborating with rap superstar Kendrick Lamar and performing at major festivals like Coachella. With "Fearless Movement," Washington continues to expand the possibilities of what jazz can be in the 21st century.

"Fearless Movement" marks another milestone in Kamasi Washington's remarkable career. By drawing on his experiences as a father and collaborating with a diverse array of talent, Washington has crafted a vibrant, genre-defying record that reaffirms his status as one of contemporary music's most compelling figures. "I named the album 'Fearless Movement' because I want it to inspire people to keep pushing forward,"Washington reflects. "To stay creative, take chances, and dream big. That's what it's all about."