Katy Perry to Depart American Idol After Season 7, Potential Replacements Considered

Katy Perry announces departure from American Idol, leaving an open seat on the judging panel. Several potential replacements, including Jennifer Lopez and Miley Cyrus, are being considered as the show prepares for its next season.

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Katy Perry to Depart American Idol After Season 7, Potential Replacements Considered

Katy Perry to Depart American Idol After Season 7, Potential Replacements Considered

Katy Perry has announced her upcoming departure as a judge on American Idol after Season 7 (Season 22 overall) on ABC. Perry revealed her plans during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and later confirmed it on Good Morning America. While Perry is taking a break from the show, she teased that her replacement should "keep my seat warm," hinting that the position may not be permanent.

Perry's departure leaves an open seat on the judging panel, and several potential substitutes are being considered. The list of candidates includes Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Shakira, Meghan Trainor, Tori Kelly, and Jordin Sparks. Perry herself suggested country singer Jelly Roll as a potential replacement. Jordin Sparks, the winner of American Idol Season 6, also expressed interest in the open spot.

Jennifer Lopez, a former American Idol judge, is seen as a strong contender due to her previous experience and enthusiasm for the show. However, some insiders note that Miley Cyrus could also be a draw, but her straightforward personality may cause issues. Other former Idol judges like Paula Abdul, Ellen DeGeneres, Nicki Minaj, and Mariah Carey are not considered suitable for the current version of the show.

The producers are also exploring the possibility of bringing in former Idol contestants and winners, such as Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson. However, their busy schedules may not allow for the time commitment required for the judging role. Shakira and Meghan Trainor are also being considered, with Trainor having experience as a judge on a similar show. Tori Kelly and Jordin Sparks, who have both served as mentors on Idol, are also in the running.

Why this matters: American Idol has been a cultural phenomenon and launching pad for aspiring singers since its debut in 2002. The show's judging panel plays a critical role in discovering and nurturing new talent, and changes to its composition often generate significant buzz and speculation among fans and the music industry.

Perry cited the need to focus on her own music career, with a new album set to release later this year, as the reason for her departure from the show. Her fellow judge, Luke Bryan, reacted to the news, saying it has been "pretty awesome" to work with her for seven seasons. Bryan shared that he and Perry have developed a friendship and have had a great time working together on American Idol. While ABC and the show have not yet officially announced Perry's replacement, the network is expected to make a decision in the coming weeks as they prepare for the next season of the long-running singing competition.

Key Takeaways

  • Katy Perry is departing as an American Idol judge after Season 7.
  • Potential replacements include Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Shakira, and former Idol contestants.
  • Producers are exploring former Idol judges and contestants as replacements.
  • Perry cited focus on her music career as the reason for departure.
  • American Idol is a cultural phenomenon, and the judging panel plays a critical role.