Kimora Lee Simmons Calls Daughter Aoki's Romance with Vittorio Assaf a 'Setup'

Kimora Lee Simmons spoke out about her 21-year-old daughter Aoki's brief romance with 65-year-old Vittorio Assaf, calling it a "setup" and expressing embarrassment. Aoki later confirmed the fling was over, stating she was never in a relationship with Assaf.

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Kimora Lee Simmons Calls Daughter Aoki's Romance with Vittorio Assaf a 'Setup'

Kimora Lee Simmons Calls Daughter Aoki's Romance with Vittorio Assaf a 'Setup'

Kimora Lee Simmons, the mother of 21-year-old model Aoki Lee Simmons, has broken her silence on her daughter's brief romance with 65-year-old restaurateur Vittorio Assaf in St. Barts last month. In a recent interview with TMZ, Kimora shared her unfiltered thoughts on the controversial relationship, calling it a "setup" and expressing embarrassment.

Aoki Lee Simmons, 21, was spotted kissing Vittorio Assaf, 65, on the beach in St. Barts last month, sparking widespread backlash on social media due to their 44-year age gap. The couple reportedly split days later. Kimora Lee Simmons, Aoki's mother, has now spoken out about the relationship, saying she wasn't a fan of it but loves and supports her daughter unconditionally.

"I don't think she 'had' an anything," Kimora said when asked about Aoki having an older boyfriend. "I think that was just... She's a young pretty girl, and you know, I think that we don't think that the toads that we may kiss [are] gonna be like broadcasted..."

"I personally feel a little bit like she was set up, which is why I try to teach the girls." Kimora emphasized, acknowledging the significant age dynamic between her daughter and Assaf. Despite referring to him as a "toad," she didn't seem overly bothered by the relationship itself.

Kimora admitted to feeling "a little bit embarrassed" when the photos of Aoki and Assaf surfaced, but took a nonchalant approach, saying, "It is what it is, honey. Come on home, Mama's got your back. He ain't coming."

Kimora's comments come after her daughter faced intense scrutiny on social media for her relationship with Assaf. Aoki's father, Russell Wilson, had hinted at wanting to speak to her about the situation, while Kimora had shared a playful clip of a mother panda and her baby on Instagram, suggesting Aoki was on her "last nerve."

Aoki later revealed that the fling with Assaf was over, stating, "Of course, I'm not with him. I was never with him." The brief romance took place last month in St. Barts, with the couple reportedly splitting just days later.

Kimora Lee Simmons, a successful businesswoman and designer, was previously married to Russell Simmons, with whom she shares two daughters, Aoki and Ming. The couple's 18-year age gap drew attention during their marriage from 1998 to 2009, which may have influenced Kimora's perspective on her daughter's recent relationship.

As the controversy surrounding Aoki Lee Simmons' brief romance with Vittorio Assaf settles, Kimora Lee Simmons' candid comments shed light on her perspective as a protective mother. While expressing embarrassment and skepticism about the relationship, Kimora ultimately emphasizes her unconditional love and support for her daughter, making it clear that she will always have Aoki's back.