MasterChef Contestants Face Elimination in Blindfolded Taste Test

MasterChef Australia contestants faced a blindfolded taste test challenge, identifying 100 one-inch cubes of various ingredients using only their senses. The six contestants who failed the test then competed in an elimination cook-off, creating dishes showcasing the ingredients, with one contestant to be eliminated.

Nitish Verma
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MasterChef Contestants Face Elimination in Blindfolded Taste Test

MasterChef Contestants Face Elimination in Blindfolded Taste Test

On the May 12, 2024 episode of MasterChef Australia, contestants faced a high-stakes blindfolded taste test challenge that left six of them at risk of elimination. The challenge required the aspiring chefs to identify 100 one-inch cubes of various ingredients using only their senses of touch, smell, and taste.

With contestant Lourdes immune from elimination, the others nervously took part in the daunting task. The first six contestants to incorrectly identify a cube would face the chopping block. Notable mistakes included Sumeet misidentifying pumpkin as potato, Stephen mistaking beetroot for potato, Mimi guessing oat was flour, Juan confusing lemon for grapefruit, and American Josh thinking tasty cheese was parmesan.

The grueling challenge spanned over three days, with the contestants subsisting solely on the ingredient cubes during that time. For the six who failed the taste test, their fates hung in the balance as they headed into the elimination cook. They had to create a dish showcasing the ingredients from the taste test, but were not required to maintain the cube form.

Sumeet presented a beetroot-pumpkin soup that drew criticism for its taste, while American Josh daringly cut a lobster in half for his dish. Stephen's beetroot ravioli earned disgusted reactions from judges Poh and Andy. Mimi surprised with a pork belly porridge that worked despite its unusual combination. Lily's chicken dish suffered from uncertain cooking and a ruined mushroom sauce due to Andy's misguided advice.

As the judges tasted the elimination dishes, Stephen's face was "grim with guilt over his beetroot ravioli." Mimi earned praise for her unexpectedly successful pork porridge. The episode concluded with the judges deliberating on which struggling contestant would be the next to leave the MasterChef kitchen.

The high-pressure one-inch cube taste test pushed the contestants' palates and culinary creativity to the limit. With embarrassing identification errors leading to the elimination cook-off, the home cooks had to fight to keep their MasterChef dreams alive. Viewers will have to tune in to the next episode to discover which contestant will be eliminated from the competition.

Key Takeaways

  • Contestants faced a blindfolded taste test, identifying 100 one-inch cubes of various ingredients.
  • Six contestants incorrectly identified cubes, putting them at risk of elimination.
  • Failed contestants created dishes showcasing taste test ingredients in an elimination cook.
  • Judges criticized dishes, including Sumeet's soup and Stephen's ravioli.
  • One contestant will be eliminated in the next episode.