Nicki Minaj Escalates Legal Battle Over Defamatory 'Cokehead' Claim

Nicki Minaj intensifies her defamation lawsuit against blogger Marley Green over a 2022 Twitter video falsely accusing her of drug use. Minaj's legal team seeks damages and evidence, requesting the court to strike Green's answer if she fails to comply with discovery requests.

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Nicki Minaj Escalates Legal Battle Over Defamatory 'Cokehead' Claim

Nicki Minaj Escalates Legal Battle Over Defamatory 'Cokehead' Claim

Rapper Nicki Minaj is intensifying her legal fight against blogger Marley Green, known as Nosey Heaux, over a 2022 Twitter video that falsely accused Minaj of being a "cokehead." The defamation lawsuit, filed by Minaj last year, alleges that Green made the slanderous claim in the video, stating that Minaj is "shoving all this cocaine up her nose."

The lawsuit was initiated by Minaj in response to Green's tweet about the rapper's newborn baby and the drug use allegations. On March 25, 2024, Minaj's legal team sent a letter to the court providing an update on the case status and outlining a proposed course of action. Green's counsel requested an extension to respond to the letter by April 23, 2024, but failed to do so by May 8, 2024.

Minaj's attorneys are now seeking various actions against Green, including precluding the defendants from seeking further discovery, preventing them from offering evidence in opposition to Minaj's anticipated motion for summary judgment or at any hearing or trial, and banning them from objecting to the discovery requests. They are also directing Green to provide complete answers to Minaj's amended set of interrogatories. Failure to comply with these requests could result in the court striking Green's answer to the lawsuit.

Through the lawsuit, Minaj is seeking damages of at least $75,000 from Green and her company for the defamatory statements. The rapper is also attempting to obtain various documents and communications related to Green's claims about her alleged drug use, as well as data on the viewership and engagement metrics of the video posted on Nosey Heaux's social media platforms. This information is crucial for Minaj to quantify the actual harm caused to her reputation.

The legal dispute between Nicki Minaj and Marley Green highlights the serious consequences of making false and damaging claims about public figures. As the case progresses, the court's decisions will have significant implications for both parties involved. Minaj remains determined to protect her reputation and seek appropriate compensation for the harm caused by the defamatory statements made in the 2022 Twitter video.

Key Takeaways

  • Nicki Minaj sues blogger Marley Green (Nosey Heaux) over 2022 Twitter video accusing her of cocaine use.
  • Minaj seeks $75,000 in damages and documents related to the video's viewership and engagement metrics.
  • Green failed to respond to Minaj's legal team by the deadline, prompting further action.
  • Minaj's attorneys seek to limit Green's defense and obtain complete answers to interrogatories.
  • The case highlights the consequences of making false claims about public figures and their reputation.