Nigerian Idol: 20 Advance in Grueling Theatre Week

The ninth season of Nigerian Idol has reached its theatre week, where 72 contestants were paired and performed specific songs, with 20 advancing to the next stage after impressing judges Omawumi, Ric Hassani, and 9ice. The competition takes place in a television studio setting, with contestants singing and performing in front of the judges and audience, with the ultimate goal of becoming the next Nigerian Idol." This description focuses on the primary topic of the article (Nigerian Idol's theatre week), the main entities (contestants, judges, and the competition), the context (television studio setting), and the significant actions and consequences (performances, eliminations, and advancement to the next stage). The description also provides objective and relevant details that will help an AI generate an accurate visual representation of the article's content, such as the setting and the actions of the contestants and judges.

Aqsa Younas Rana
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Nigerian Idol: 20 Advance in Grueling Theatre Week

Nigerian Idol: 20 Advance in Grueling Theatre Week

The ninth season of Nigerian Idol has reached a pivotal stage as 72 contestants who made it through the audition process faced off in the show's theatre week. In a twist, the aspiring singers were paired and given specific songs to perform. Those who failed to impress the judges - Omawumi, Ric Hassani, and 9ice - would not proceed to the next round.

Several standout performances emerged from the grueling competition. Southrain and Maio beautifully sang "Sugarcane" by Camidoh, receiving commendation from the judges. Alfred and Kevwe gave an unforgettable rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Sign, Sealed, Delivered," earning them a pass to the next stage. "This is the best performance I've seen so far," 9ice praised.

Gracia found herself without a partner but chose Mikki from the platinum ticket holders to sing with. Their performance of "When I First Saw You" by Beyoncé and Jamie Foxx brought Omawumi to her feet and secured Gracia a coveted spot in the next round.

However, not all contestants were as fortunate. Tega, Debbie, Yella, and Paul saw their dreams dashed after failing to deliver strong enough performances to win over the judges. "The selection process was very difficult, but as you know there can only be one winner," Omawumi acknowledged.

In the end, only 20 of the original 72 contestants advanced to the next stage of the competition. Next week, the judges will continue to whittle down the pool of talented singers, selecting the top performers to advance to the live shows. With only 10 spots available, the pressure is on for the remaining contestants to deliver their very best.

Fans can follow the ninth season of Nigerian Idol with new episodes airing every Sunday on AM Showcase (DStv channel 151, GOtv channel 12), and AM Family (DStv channel 154 & GOtv channel 2) from 7 pm. All the auditions from day one and behind-the-scenes content are available on Nigerian Idol Extra, airing daily on DStv channel 197 and GOtv channel 29.

As Nigerian Idol's theatre week comes to a close, 20 talented contestants are one step closer to achieving their musical dreams. With stellar performances from the likes of Southrain, Maio, Alfred, Kevwe, and Gracia, the competition is fiercer than ever. The remaining hopefuls will need to dig deep and deliver world-class performances to impress the judges and secure their spot in the Top 10.

Key Takeaways

  • 72 contestants faced off in Nigerian Idol's theatre week, with 20 advancing to the next stage.
  • Standout performances included Southrain & Maio's "Sugarcane" and Alfred & Kevwe's "Sign, Sealed, Delivered."
  • Gracia's solo performance with Mikki earned her a spot in the next round.
  • 10 contestants will be selected for the live shows, with only 1 ultimate winner.
  • New episodes air Sundays on AM Showcase and AM Family,! with behind-the-scenes content on Nigerian Idol Extra.