Rakugaki: Cyberpunk 3D Platformer Set to Launch on Steam inrelease, date2024

Gearbox Publishing and Wabisabi Games announce the release of Rakugaki, a 3D action-platformer, on Steam on May 22, 2024. The game follows Valah, a graffiti artist, as she fights to restore Cap City from oppressive corporation B-Corp's control.

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Rakugaki: Cyberpunk 3D Platformer Set to Launch on Steam inrelease, date2024

Rakugaki: Cyberpunk 3D Platformer Set to Launch on Steam inrelease, date2024

Gearbox Publishing and Mexico-based development studio Wabisabi Games have announced that Rakugaki (RKGK), a single-player 3D action-platformer, will be released on Steam on May 22, 2024. The game promises a thrilling adventure of speed, style, and artistic rebellion in Cap City, a futuristic urban landscape where citizens have been mind-controlled by the oppressive corporation B-Corp, led by the evil CEO, Mr. Buff. Buff.

Players take on the role of Valah, a spirited graffiti artist who fights to restore the city to its true beauty. Rakugaki's fast-paced gameplay allows players to chain jumps, dashes, glides, and grind rails together to liberate Cap City. Valah can use her paint abilities to combat enemies, gain extra momentum, and glide around the city. Chaining together attacks and movements activates Defacer Mode, granting Valah a rainbow paint trail and increased speed.

Anwar Noriega, Wabisabi Games CEO, explained, "Defacer Mode is a state that Valah acquires that grants a different set of abilities. For example, now Valah can surf way faster, and not only that, when she surfs, she has this forcefield in front of her that allows to destroy enemies and boxes just by touching them." Rakugaki's unique blend of graffiti and platforming is inspired by Japanese artists, with the term "Rakugaki" meaning "scribble" or "doodle." Noriega noted, "In the early '90s, when graffiti started to pop in Japan, the government and the police started calling the graffiti rakugaki... kind of with a negative connotation, like saying, 'Oh, these childish doodles; we don't care about them, they are terrible.'"

The game's dazzling cyberpunk setting, combined with its fast-paced gameplay, makes it a standout title. Wabisabi Games, consisting of 29 Mexicans and Latin Americans, has been supported by Riot Games' Underrepresented Founders Program, which aims to empower underrepresented communities to create games for gamers of all backgrounds. The studio has also partnered with Gearbox Publishing to reach a global audience.

Steve Gibson, Gearbox Publishing President, said,"We are very grateful to have been trusted by them to be their partner in bringing RKGK to players around the world when it launches very soon. Rakugaki has already drawn attention from the gaming community, with previews praising its smooth but fast gameplay, energetic visuals, and stand-out experience. The game is expected to appeal to both younger players looking for an exciting and colorful experience and long-time players who reminisce about the rewarding but challenging platformers of their youth.

With its unique blend of Japanese and Mexican influences, striking art style, and fast-paced action, Rakugaki is poised to make a splash when it launches on Steam on May 22, 2024. Fans of 3D platformers and indie games alike eagerly await the opportunity to experience the game's enchanting world and gameplay.

Key Takeaways

  • Rakugaki, a 3D action-platformer, releases on Steam on May 22, 2024.
  • Players control Valah, a graffiti artist fighting against an oppressive corporation.
  • Gameplay features fast-paced platforming, paint abilities, and "Defacer Mode" for increased speed.
  • Rakugaki's art style is inspired by Japanese graffiti and Mexican culture.
  • The game is developed by Wabisabi Games, a Mexican studio, and published by Gearbox Publishing.