Rapper Game Disses Rick Ross in Scathing Track "Freeway's Revenge"

Rapper Game released a scathing diss track "Freeway's Revenge" targeting Rick Ross's past, health, and alleged sexual kinks. Ross responded with a lukewarm Instagram post, quoting a lyric from "Hate It Or Love It" and tagging his car show.

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Rapper Game Disses Rick Ross in Scathing Track "Freeway's Revenge"

Rapper Game Disses Rick Ross in Scathing Track "Freeway's Revenge"

Rapper Game has escalated his feud with Miami rapper Rick Ross, releasing a scathing diss track titled "Freeway's Revenge" on May 10, 2024. The track takes aim at Ross's past career, alleged sexual kinks, weight and health issues, and his former stint as a correctional officer.

The diss track comes on the heels of the explosive rap beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, which Rick Ross jumped into last month, siding with Kendrick. Game, on the other hand, has aligned himself with Drake and began taking shots at Ross online earlier this week.

In "Freeway's Revenge," Game spares no punches, with lyrics like "You 12 lemon pepper wings from a heart attack/ Akademiks, give this n-gga an Ozempic starter pack" game, revenge, explained, lyrics, news targeting Ross's weight and health. He also references the Drake-Kendrick feud, rapping, "This ain't the Kendrick beef, my Drac' [Drake] sings songs/ Shots rings out, the neighbor better have his Ring on."

The track goes on to accuse Ross of enjoying golden showers and claims his associate Gunplay knows secrets about him. "Your baby mama told me that you liked to get peed on/ You a C.O., that's the last time you had keys on/ And we know you treat Gunplay like he a peon/ And he knows some shit that ain't cool for him to speak on," game, revenge raps.

Game also takes shots at Ross's lavish lifestyle and "Biggest Bawse" persona, rapping, "I don't want to hear about no fish tanks and marble floors/ No spiral steps, no swimming pools, no hors d'oeuvres, no Audemars/ No car shows, no pinky rings, no umbrellas in the car doors/ Introduce me and my connect to that Columbian you chopped that raw for."

In response to the diss track, Rick Ross posted a lyric from "Hate It Or Love It" (a song by 50 Cent and The Game) on his Instagram, quoting "Hate It or Love It The underdog on top" and tagging his car show. The lukewarm reaction seems to have left game, reaction, track, news disappointed.

Game and Ross have collaborated in the past, notably on the track "Ali Bomaye" from Game's 2012 album Jesus Piece. However, Game now appears to take issue with Ross's relentless trolling of Drake amid his feud with Kendrick Lamar. It remains to be seen if Ross will respond with his own diss track, but for now, he seems content to brush offgame, revenge, newsscathing bars.