Switzerland's Nemo Leads Eurovision 2024 Betting Odds, Croatia and Netherlands Close Behind

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest is shaping up, with Switzerland's Nemo and France leading the betting odds. However, the competition remains unpredictable, and any country could emerge victorious.

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Switzerland's Nemo Leads Eurovision 2024 Betting Odds, Croatia and Netherlands Close Behind

Switzerland's Nemo Leads Eurovision 2024 Betting Odds, Croatia and Netherlands Close Behind

As the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 approaches, bookmakers are already forecasting the likely victors. According to UK bookmaker Oddschecker, Switzerland's entry, Nemo, is currently leading the betting odds. Nemo, who will be representing Switzerland with the song "The Code," has been at the top of the betting list since April 1.

Croatia, represented by an unnamed artist, is firmly holding on to the second position in the odds. The country's chances of winning have increased by 1% to 18% since April 16. The Netherlands, represented by the band Joost Klein, has seen a rise in its chances, moving up to third place in the rankings.

Italy, a strong contender in previous years, has fallen in the rankings, moving from third place to fourth. Ukraine, represented by the duo alyona alyona and Jerry Heil, is currently ranked fifth with a 6% chance of winning, down from 9% previously.

The current betting odds for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, based on the "eurojury" edition, are estimated using the average of 27 "countries" that have voted. The top five countries and their points are as follows:

  1. Switzerland (156 points, 7.5 average per juror)
  2. France (156 points, 7.2 average per juror)
  3. Italy (144 points, 6.9 average per juror)
  4. Croatia (78 points, 3.3 average per juror)
  5. Netherlands (50 points, 1.9 average per juror)

France has attracted a lot of backing this period, moving to a new low in the odds. However, Ukraine has taken the biggest step back, with a poor start that has spooked backers. The market has not gained much confidence so far, with the two frontrunners, Switzerland and France, largely unchanged and meeting expectations.

Why this matters: The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most widely watched non-sporting events in the world, with millions of viewers tuning in each year. The betting odds provide an early indication of which countries are expected to perform well and generate buzz among fans and media outlets.

As the competition draws closer, the betting odds are likely to fluctuate based on the release of the songs, rehearsal performances, and public opinion. While the current odds favor Switzerland and France, the Eurovision Song Contest is known for its unpredictability, and any of the participating countries could potentially rise to the top and claim victory in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Switzerland's Nemo leads 2024 Eurovision betting odds, followed by Croatia and Netherlands.
  • Italy falls from 3rd to 4th, while Ukraine drops from 9% to 6% chance of winning.
  • France sees a surge in backing, while Ukraine's poor start has spooked backers.
  • Current top 5 countries and their points: Switzerland (156), France (156), Italy (144), Croatia (78), Netherlands (50).
  • Eurovision is unpredictable, and any country could potentially win in 2024.