Sydney Sweeney Criticized by Hollywood Producer Carol Baum as 'Not Pretty' and 'Can't Act'

Emmy-nominated actress Sydney Sweeney faces criticism from veteran producer Carol Baum over her appearance and acting abilities, sparking a broader conversation about gender equality in Hollywood.

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Sydney Sweeney Criticized by Hollywood Producer Carol Baum as 'Not Pretty' and 'Can't Act'

Sydney Sweeney Criticized by Hollywood Producer Carol Baum as 'Not Pretty' and 'Can't Act'

Emmy-nominated actress Sydney Sweeney, known for her roles in the hit TV series Euphoria and The White Lotus, has come under fire from veteran Hollywood producer Carol Baum. During a film screening in Pleasantville, New York, Baum reportedly made disparaging remarks about Sweeney's appearance and acting abilities, calling her "not pretty" and claiming that she "can't act".

The incident occurred while Baum, who has produced films such as Father of the Bride and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was discussing Sweeney's recent romantic comedy, Anyone But You. According to reports, Baum expressed her dislike for the film, deeming it "unwatchable". She went on to question the hype surrounding Sweeney, stating that she did not understand the actress's popularity.

Sweeney's representative swiftly responded to Baum's comments, labeling them as "shameful" and "unjustly disparaging" towards a fellow female producer. The representative emphasized that Baum's remarks spoke volumes about her character and that it was disappointing to see a woman in her position choosing to attack another woman instead of offering guidance and support.

Despite the criticism from Baum, Sweeney has garnered critical acclaim for her performances, earning Emmy nominations for her work in Euphoria and The White Lotus. Her film Anyone But You also proved to be a commercial success, grossing over $200 million globally.

Following the backlash, Baum expressed regret over her comments, stating that she wished she had never made them. However, the incident has sparked a broader conversation about the treatment of women in the entertainment industry and the importance of supporting and uplifting fellow female professionals.

Why this matters: The criticism faced by Sydney Sweeney from a veteran Hollywood producer highlights the ongoing challenges and double standards faced by women in the entertainment industry. This incident serves as a reminder of the need for greater support, respect, and solidarity among women in the field, regardless of their level of experience or success.

Teddy Schwarzman, a producer who worked with Sweeney on the film Immaculate, came to the actress's defense, praising her talent, intelligence, and character. Sweeney's fans have also rallied behind her, with one supporter writing, "Carol Baum is jealous of Sydney Sweeney's appearance and popularity, two things Baum never possessed." As the conversation surrounding this incident continues, how it will impact the broader discourse on gender equality and respect within the entertainment industry is uncertain.

Key Takeaways

  • Veteran producer Carol Baum criticized actress Sydney Sweeney's appearance and acting.
  • Baum called Sweeney "not pretty" and claimed she "can't act" during a film screening.
  • Sweeney's team condemned Baum's remarks as "shameful" and "unjustly disparaging".
  • Sweeney has received critical acclaim and commercial success despite Baum's criticism.
  • The incident highlights challenges women face in the entertainment industry.