135th Canton Fair Draws Over 60,000 Overseas Buyers as Guangzhou Enhances Mobile Payment Services

The 135th Canton Fair in China saw a significant increase in international buyers and showcased innovative products, highlighting China's economic resilience and commitment to fostering global trade and digital innovation.

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135th Canton Fair Draws Over 60,000 Overseas Buyers as Guangzhou Enhances Mobile Payment Services

135th Canton Fair Draws Over 60,000 Overseas Buyers as Guangzhou Enhances Mobile Payment Services

The 135th Canton Fair, China's largest trade event, opened on April 15th in Guangzhou with a strong turnout of over 60,000 overseas buyers from 205 countries and regions, marking an 18.5% increase compared to the previous year. The fair introduced new initiatives to facilitate mobile payments for international visitors, including Alipay+ bilingual service counters at Baiyun Airport and "International Consumer Friendly Zones" across the city.

In partnership with Ant Group, the fair organizers set up Foreign Visitors Payment Information Desks staffed by multilingual university student volunteers to assist foreigners with their payment needs. The Alipay+ service counters at the airport received over 30 orders per day during peak periods, with European and Asian tourists accounting for a significant portion of the users. Alipay also rolled out translation services for 16 languages to ensure a seamless mobile payment experience for foreign visitors.

The fair showcased new technologies and products from over 29,000 enterprises, including 680 international firms, across an exhibition area of 1.55 million square meters. Private enterprises accounted for 91% of the participants, highlighting the event's role in supporting small and medium-sized businesses. Over 1 million new products were on display, with a focus on green, low-carbon, and intellectual property-protected innovations.

Organizers expanded promotion channels and collaborated with various economic and commercial offices, foreign consulates, and global partners to attract over 144,000 buyers from 215 countries and regions. Significant increases in buyer participation were observed from the United States, OECD countries, the Middle East, Belt and Road Initiative countries, and RCEP member countries. The fair also optimized its online platform to facilitate efficient trade matchmaking between buyers and suppliers.

Why this matters: The 135th Canton Fair's success in attracting a diverse range of international buyers and exhibitors underscores China's economic resilience and its role as a global trade hub. The event's focus on facilitating mobile payments and enhancing the experience for overseas visitors highlights the country's commitment to fostering international trade and embracing digital innovation.

The 135th Canton Fair concluded its first phase on April 19th, with the electromachinery industry taking center stage and accounting for 85% of the total exhibitors. Moroccan buyer Amar Hireche expressed his impression of the progress made by Chinese companies, stating, "I am amazed by the innovative products and advanced technologies showcased at the fair. I look forward to further collaborating with Chinese businesses." The second phase of the fair, focusing on housewares, gifts, decorations, construction materials, and furniture, will be held from April 23rd to April 27th, with 9,820 exhibitors attending offline.

Key Takeaways

  • 135th Canton Fair saw 18.5% increase in overseas buyers to over 60,000 from 205 countries.
  • Fair introduced Alipay+ bilingual service counters and "International Consumer Friendly Zones" to facilitate mobile payments.
  • Over 29,000 enterprises, including 680 international firms, showcased new technologies and products across 1.55 million sq m.
  • Buyer participation increased significantly from the US, OECD, Middle East, Belt and Road, and RCEP countries.
  • First phase concluded with electromachinery industry accounting for 85% of exhibitors; second phase to focus on housewares, construction.