Apple to Employ 500,000 in India, Boost Production to $40 Billion by 2027

Apple plans to expand its presence in India, aiming to employ over 500,000 people through vendors and suppliers by 2027, a 5-fold increase in production capacity, and leading the Indian smartphone market in revenue.

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Apple to Employ 500,000 in India, Boost Production to $40 Billion by 2027

Apple to Employ 500,000 in India, Boost Production to $40 Billion by 2027

Apple Inc. plans to significantly expand its presence in India over the next three years, aiming to employ around 500,000 people through its vendors and component suppliers by 2027, a substantial increase from the current 150,000 employees. The company is targeting a five-fold expansion in its production capacity in India, with the goal of increasing output to approximately $40 billion within the next 4-5 years, according to a government source in April 2024.

This massive investment in infrastructure and people has already started to pay off, with Apple leading the Indian market in terms of revenue for the first time in 2023, surpassing Samsung. However, Samsung still tops Apple in volume sales. Apple's iPhone exports from India also experienced a remarkable surge, doubling from $6.27 billion in 2022-23 to $12.1 billion in 2023-24.

Why this matters: Apple's expansion plans in India are anticipated to have a transformative impact on the country's manufacturing sector and employment landscape. As the company leverages local talent and resources to strengthen its presence in one of the world's fastest-growing smartphone markets, it could potentially reshape the dynamics of the global tech industry.

Tata Electronics, which operates two plants for Apple, is currently the largest job generator for the company in India. Apple is also making housing arrangements for its staff and ramping up hiring efforts in the country. This expansion is part of Apple's strategy to diversify its manufacturing operations and reduce its reliance on China.

Alongside its commercial efforts, Apple is doubling down on its commitment to sustainability in India. The company recently announced a collaboration with a Mumbai-based solar energy solutions provider to invest in six rooftop solar projects across the country, contributing to its green initiatives. These projects will generate a combined output of 14.4 megawatts to power Apple's offices and stores in India.

The government source stated, "Apple is accelerating hiring in India at a conservative estimate of 500,000 jobs." This significant increase in employment opportunities is projected to have far-reaching effects on the Indian economy and the lives of countless individuals and families.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple plans to expand in India, aiming to employ 500,000 by 2027, up from 150,000.
  • Apple targets 5-fold production capacity increase in India, reaching $40B output in 4-5 years.
  • Apple leads Indian smartphone market in revenue, surpassing Samsung, though lags in volume sales.
  • Apple's India expansion aims to diversify manufacturing and reduce reliance on China.
  • Apple collaborates on 14.4MW solar projects to power offices and stores in India.