LinkedIn Reveals Top 10 US Companies to Work for in 2024

LinkedIn's 2024 top US companies: JP Morgan Chase #1, Amazon #2, with focus on diversity, upskilling, and employee well-being. Highlights companies' commitment to investing in talent and fostering inclusive workplaces.

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LinkedIn Reveals Top 10 US Companies to Work for in 2024

LinkedIn Reveals Top 10 US Companies to Work for in 2024

LinkedIn has released its annual list of the best US companies to work for in 2024, with JP Morgan Chase securing the top spot and Amazon coming in second. The rankings were determined based on various factors, including gender diversity, upskilling opportunities, employee promotion rates, and low attrition and layoffs.

JP Morgan Chase's first-place ranking can be attributed to its investment in emerging talent through programs like the Emerging Talent Program and Year Up, which create opportunities for candidates without university degrees. Amazon, ranked second, offers free AI skills training to employees through its AI Ready program and has committed $12 million in generative AI scholarships.

Other companies in the top 10 include Wells Fargo, which focuses on skills-based hiring and provides training, networking, and mentorship through its Career Development Program; Deloitte, which has committed $1.4 billion to personalized learning and development for its employees; and PwC, which boasts 12 employee inclusion networks.

UnitedHealth Group, ranked sixth, offers robust health insurance plans for its employees, while AT&T, in seventh place, prioritizes adaptability, customer-centricity, and collaboration when hiring. Verizon, at number eight, promotes employee connectivity through its 'Up to Speed' news program, allowing 'V Teamers' to share updates. Moderna, ranked ninth, provides benefits to support work-life balance and help avoid employee burnout. Rounding out the top 10 is Alphabet, which encourages employee development through its 'Googler-to-Googler' peer learning platform.

Why this matters: The LinkedIn rankings emphasize the increasing importance companies are placing on diversity, upskilling, and employee well-being in the competitive job market. These initiatives not only attract top talent but also contribute to employee satisfaction and retention.

The top 10 US companies on the LinkedIn list demonstrate a commitment to investing in their employees' growth and development, offering comprehensive benefits, and fostering inclusive work environments. As LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky stated, "These companies are leading the way in creating opportunities for professionals to thrive and grow their careers."

Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn's 2024 top US companies: JP Morgan Chase, Amazon, Wells Fargo
  • Factors: gender diversity, upskilling, promotion rates, low attrition/layoffs
  • Companies offer programs for talent without degrees, AI skills training
  • Focus on skills-based hiring, personalized learning, employee inclusion
  • Emphasis on diversity, upskilling, employee well-being in job market