Manchester City Launches NFT Jersey Collection with OKX

Manchester City partners with OKX to launch exclusive digital collectible jerseys, offering fans unique experiences and access to limited-edition physical merchandise through Web3 technology.

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Manchester City Launches NFT Jersey Collection with OKX

Manchester City Launches NFT Jersey Collection with OKX

Manchester City, the reigning Premier League champions, have partnered with cryptocurrency exchange OKX to launch a unique digital collectible jerseys with designs inspired by the city of Manchester, including the Lancashire rose and Manchester worker bee symbols.

Fans can mint the first NFT jersey, titled "The Roses and the Bees," on the OKX app between April 22-25, 2024. The NFTs are randomly assigned one of three rarity levels - Classic, Rare, or Ultra Rare - which determine the exclusive rewards and experiences the owner can access. These include limited-edition physical jerseys, match tickets, hospitality packages, and even a chance to play on the pitch at Manchester City's home stadium.

A second NFT jersey with a different Manchester-inspired design will be released for minting on April 29. The "Unseen City Shirts" collection aims to provide Manchester City's global fanbase with innovative ways to engage with the club through Web3 technology.

Why this matters: The partnership between Manchester City and OKX showcases the growing trend of sports teams leveraging NFTs and blockchain technology to enhance fan experiences and engagement. As one of the world's most popular football clubs, Manchester City's venture into digital collectibles could inspire other teams to explore similar Web3 initiatives.

OKX has been Manchester City's official cryptocurrency exchange partner since 2022, with the company also serving as the club's official training kit partner for the 2022-23 season. "The 'Unseen City Shirts' collection represents an exciting new way for our global fanbase to connect with Manchester City," said a club spokesperson. "By blending football culture with advanced Web3 technology, we're offering fans a chance to own a unique piece of club history and access unforgettable experiences."

Key Takeaways

  • Manchester City partners with OKX to launch digital collectible jerseys.
  • Fans can mint NFT jerseys with varying rarity levels and rewards.
  • Jerseys feature Manchester-inspired designs like the Lancashire rose and worker bee.
  • Partnership aims to enhance fan engagement through Web3 technology.
  • OKX is Manchester City's official cryptocurrency exchange and training kit partner.