Nvidia, Arista, and Broadcom: AI Stocks to Watch Amid Market Volatility

Nvidia, Arista Networks, and Broadcom are AI-focused stocks to watch due to their high growth potential and strong financials. Investors may wait for a market sell-off to buy shares at a more attractive valuation, as these companies drive technological innovation and revenue growth.

Bijay Laxmi
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Nvidia, Arista, and Broadcom: AI Stocks to Watch Amid Market Volatility

Nvidia, Arista, and Broadcom: AI Stocks to Watch Amid Market Volatility

As the stock market hovers near record highs, with inflation reports looming, investors are keeping a close eye on AI-focused stocks like Nvidia, Arista Networks, and Broadcom. These companies boast high price-to-earnings ratios of 76, 42, and 48 respectively, but their growth potential and strong financials make them worth watching for potential buying opportunities during market sell-offs.

Why this matters: The performance of AI-focused stocks can have a significant impact on the overall market, influencing investor sentiment and driving technological innovation. As AI continues to transform industries, the success of these companies can have far-reaching implications for the economy and society as a whole.

Nvidia, in particular, has been a standout performer. The company designs chips used in AI development, driving robust demand and explosive revenue growth. Nvidia's data center revenue has grown in each of the last five quarters, with year-over-year growth rates accelerating dramatically. In Q4 2024, data center revenue hit $18.4 billion, a staggering 409% increase over the previous year.

While Nvidia's valuation has come down over the past year, it may still be too high for some investors. Waiting for a market sell-off could present a more attractive buying opportunity. UBS recently increased its Nvidia price target to $1,150, citing the impending arrival of next-generation AI GPUs. The investment bank expects Nvidia to deliver $175 billion in revenue in 2025, along with earnings of $41 per share, which could propel the stock price to $1,230 within a couple of years.

Arista Networks, which sells switches and routers for large data centers, is also driving impressive revenue growth and bottom-line results. The company recently reported Q1 2024 earnings per share of $1.99, a 44% increase over the previous year, and generated $520 million in free cash flow. However, with Arista's average P/E multiple over the last five years at 34, investors may want to wait for a better entry point.

Broadcom, with its long history of technological advancement and products in data centers, broadband modems, computers, and cellphones, is another AI-focused stock to watch. The company's recent acquisition of VMware has shifted its revenue mix, with infrastructure software now accounting for 38% of revenue. In Q1 2024, Broadcom reported revenue growth of 34% and expects full-year revenue to reach $50 billion, a 40% increase over 2023.

As the VMware acquisition is still in its early days, investors should monitor the integration progress and consider waiting for a potential market sell-off to buy shares at a more attractive valuation. With the Dow Jones Industrial Average on a winning streak and the Nasdaq composite and Russell 2000 experiencing mixed performances, opportunities may arise for investors to capitalize on short-term market volatility and invest in these promising AI-focused stocks.

Key Takeaways

  • Ai-focused stocks like Nvidia, Arista, and Broadcom have high P/E ratios but strong growth potential.
  • Nvidia's data center revenue has grown 409% YoY, driven by AI chip demand.
  • Arista Networks reports 44% EPS growth and $520M in free cash flow in Q1 2024.
  • Broadcom's VMware acquisition shifts revenue mix, with 38% from infrastructure software.
  • Waiting for market sell-offs may present attractive buying opportunities for these AI stocks.