Perry Street Café Chain Receives €20,000 in FBD Insurance Advertising Campaign

Perry Street, a Cork-based café chain, receives €20,000 in advertising funding from FBD Insurance's €140,000 small business support campaign. The campaign supports seven SMEs nationwide, providing an advertising package worth €140,000 to help businesses grow and develop.

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Perry Street Café Chain Receives €20,000 in FBD Insurance Advertising Campaign

Perry Street Café Chain Receives €20,000 in FBD Insurance Advertising Campaign

Cork-based café chain Perry Street has been selected to receive €20,000 in advertising funding as part of FBD Insurance's €140,000 small business support campaign for Irish SMEs. The campaign aims to support seven small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) nationwide, with Perry Street being one of the beneficiaries.

Why this matters: This campaign highlights the importance of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, which are the backbone of the Irish economy. By providing advertising funding, FBD Insurance is contributing to the growth and development of these businesses, which can have a positive impact on local communities and the economy as a whole.

Founded in 2012 by Brian Drinan, a former accountant, and Paul Coffey, an architect, Perry Street has four locations across Cork county. The café chain is known for its artisan food, fresh coffee, and homemade cakes, with the founders aiming to create an accessible and inclusive environment for all customers.

FBD Insurance's support campaign provides an advertising package worth €140,000 to seven SMEs across Ireland. The package includes advertising on Out of Home (OOH) billboards, radio, print, and digital platforms. The selected businesses represent diverse sectors, including food, hospitality, retail, and more, hailing from various parts of the country.

Reacting to the news, Perry Street co-founders Brian Drinan and Paul Coffey said, "We are delighted to have been selected to take part in this important advertising campaign which shines a light on the importance of SMEs to the Irish economy. The advertising package is an invaluable contribution to our business and we'd like to thank FBD for supporting Irish SMEs."

Sharon Treanor, Head of Marketing at FBD Insurance, emphasized the company's commitment to supporting SMEs, stating, "We are always ready to support customers and are delighted to take this support one step further through the launch of this targeted advertising package. Advertising is a key way for businesses to tell their story and reach new customers. We look forward to seeing our customer stories featured all across the country as part of this campaign and are confident that this support will have a positive impact on their business growth journey."

Six other businesses were also selected to participate in the campaign, including Mezze, McKenna's Londis, Áibhéil, The Beach Bar, Green Earth Organics, and Brew Town Roasters, from Waterford, Donegal, Limerick, Sligo, Galway, and Dublin, respectively. The diverse range of beneficiaries highlights FBD Insurance's commitment to supporting SMEs across various sectors and regions in Ireland.

Key Takeaways

  • Perry Street café chain receives €20,000 in ad funding from FBD Insurance.
  • FBD's campaign supports 7 SMEs nationwide with €140,000 in ad funding.
  • Perry Street has 4 locations in Cork, offering artisan food and fresh coffee.
  • FBD's campaign aims to support SMEs, the backbone of the Irish economy.
  • 6 other businesses from various regions and sectors also received funding.