Cottage Cheese Surges in Popularity Among Gen Z in Ohio

Cottage cheese sales have seen a 10% week-over-week growth, driven by Gen Z consumers in Ohio, due to its versatility and nutritional benefits. Daisy Brand has launched a new advertising campaign, featuring single-serve tubs with separate fruit compartments, to reposition cottage cheese as a convenient snack option.

Nitish Verma
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Cottage Cheese Surges in Popularity Among Gen Z in Ohio

Cottage Cheese Surges in Popularity Among Gen Z in Ohio

Cottage cheese is experiencing a resurgence, trends, actually in popularity, particularly among Generation Z consumers in Ohio. Sales of the dairy product have seen a remarkable 10% growth week-over-week, driven by its versatility, high protein content, and nutritional benefits.

Why this matters: The growing popularity of cottage cheese among Gen Z consumers could signal a shift in consumer preferences towards healthier and more sustainable food options. As the demand for cottage cheese increases, it may lead to changes in the dairy industry's production and marketing strategies, potentially benefiting consumers and the environment.

Daisy Brand, cheese, vs the leading cottage cheese seller, has launched a new advertising campaign to reposition cottage cheese as a convenient and tasty meal or snacking option. The company recently introduced single-serve tubs of cottage cheese accompanied by a separate compartment of fruit, available in strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, and soon, peach flavors.

The "Grab A Daisy" commercial, created by the Blue Chip agency, targets consumers aged 35-54, including busy moms, active dads, and fitness-focused women. The ad focuses on showcasing the product's convenience and taste rather than directly competing with yogurt. "We used the refrigerator as a portal into different worlds, framing varied situations while still focusing on the product," said Darick Maasen, Blue Chip creative director. "So 'Grab a Daisy' is the action rather than a copy point. We're depicting real moments with identifiable characters who are already comfortable with fruit and yogurt as options."

According to Moshe Rosenberg, a professor of food science and technology at the University of California at Davis,cottage, consumption, laggedbehind yogurt due to the latter's variety of flavors. Rosenberg believes that if cottage cheese had been similarly "dressed up" with new flavors and ingredients, its consumption would be much higher. Americans consumed about 15 pounds of yogurt per capita in 2019, compared to just two pounds of cottage cheese.

Daisy Brand spent about five years developing its single-serve cottage cheese variation. The "Grab A Daisy" commercial is currently running on over a dozen cable television networks, including ABC, CBS, and NBC. While other cottage cheese brands contain fruit, it's typically already mixed in, whereas Daisy Brand's single-serves come with separate compartments of fruit.

The 10% week-over-week growth in cottage cheese sales, driven by Gen Z consumers in Ohio, highlights the impact of Daisy Brand's efforts to revamp the image and appeal of cottage cheese. As the company continues to innovate with new flavors and convenient packaging, the popularity of cottage cheese may continue to rise, potentially narrowing the consumption gap with yogurt.