Couple Sells 25-Year Collection of 1,000 Unusual Teapots at Auction

A couple from Northumberland is selling their 1,000-strong collection of unusual teapots at Boldon Auction Galleries, with 50 going on sale initially. The collection features teapots in various shapes and characters, including famous figures and fictional characters, with estimates ranging from £30-£60.

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Couple Sells 25-Year Collection of 1,000 Unusual Teapots at Auction

Couple Sells 25-Year Collection of 1,000 Unusual Teapots at Auction

Jim and Marion Young, a couple from Morpeth, Northumberland, are selling their extensive collection of 1,000 unusual teapots, featuring various shapes and characters, at Boldon Auction Galleries. The first 50 teapots will go on sale tomorrow, with a wide range of unique and limited edition pieces available.

The couple's collection includes teapots in every size, shape, and color, featuring likenesses of famous figures such as Margaret Thatcher, Morrissey, and Guy Fawkes, as well as fictional characters like Darth Vader and Mickey Mouse. The collection also boasts teapots shaped like objects, including a work bench with tools, a Union Jack-shaped Britain, a pack of cards, a spaceship, and a Rolls Royce car grille.

Jim and Marion Young's teapot obsession began 25 years ago with a single purchase in an Amsterdam antique shop. "We had gone to Amsterdam for a weekend break around Christmas but the weather was awful and there were a number of antique shops near the hotel. Jim raced stock cars all over England and saw the work bench teapot," Marion Young recalled.

From that initial purchase, the couple's collection grew into an obsession, leading them to travel to antique fairs and meet other teapot enthusiasts. They enjoyed social gatherings organized by the teapot community, meeting "lovely people" along the way, according to Marion Young.

Auctioneer Giles Hodges praised the collection, stating, "It is a vast and fabulous collection and covers anything and everything." Notable teapots up for auction include a limited edition Darth Vader teapot standing 44cm tall, with an estimate of £40-£60, and a group featuring Mrs. Thatcher with a matching cream jug and Queen Elizabeth, estimated at £30-£50.

The initial batch of 50 teapots will be sold to free up space, with the rest to be sold in future sales. The couple has kept two of their favorite teapots, a Betty Boop figure and a large jug-like Lorna Bailey example, as mementos of their remarkable collection.

Key Takeaways

  • Couple sells 1,000 unique teapots at Boldon Auction Galleries.
  • Teapots feature famous figures, fictional characters, and objects.
  • Couple's collection grew from a single purchase 25 years ago.
  • Notable teapots include Darth Vader and Margaret Thatcher designs.
  • Initial 50 teapots to be sold, with rest to follow in future sales.