Dyson Unveils $500 Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer with Scalp Protection

Dyson launches the Supersonic Nural hair dryer, featuring a scalp protect mode that reduces heat to prevent damage. The $500 device also includes attachment recognition and pause detection, promoting healthy hair growth and scalp care.

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Dyson Unveils $500 Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer with Scalp Protection

Dyson Unveils $500 Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer with Scalp Protection

Dyson, the renowned British technology company, has launched its latest innovation in hair care: the Supersonic Nural hair dryer. Priced at $500, this cutting-edge device boasts advanced features designed to prevent hair and scalp damage while promoting healthy hair growth.

The Supersonic Nural introduces a groundbreaking scalp protect mode, which utilizes smart Nural sensors to detect when the dryer is near the head and automatically reduces heat to prevent damage. James Dyson, founder and chief engineer, explains, "If you're able to limit heat damage, you can get a healthier scalp; and healthier hair. Our new Supersonic Nural has a time of flight sensor which recognises your head and reduces the heat as it gets close to your hair, preventing heat damage to both your scalp and your hair."

In addition to the scalp protect mode, the Supersonic Nural features attachment recognition, allowing the dryer to recognize which attachment is being used and adjust heat and speed accordingly. The device also has pause detection, automatically turning off when not in use to conserve energy.

Shawn Lim, head of research at Dyson, emphasizes the importance of scalp health: "From our research into the science of hair, we know that there is a connection between the quality of hair and a healthy scalp. The scalp tissue comprises different layers, with the outermost layer serving as a barrier against external stressors. But when your scalp is damaged, moisture loss can occur, a key factor in our development of the Scalp protect mode feature. This helps to maintain scalp moisture levels, prevent over drying and allows for gentle drying."

The Supersonic Nural hair dryer is an investment in hair technology and hair health. It is currently available for purchase online, with a price tag of $500. The device comes in two colorways: Vinca Blue & Topaz, and Ceramic Patina & Topaz.

Dyson's Supersonic Nural hair dryer represents a significant advancement in hair care technology, focusing on scalp protection and healthy hair growth. With its innovative features and sleek design, it is poised to revolutionize the way people style and care for their hair at home.