Country Star Jelly Roll Starts Fitness Journey After Being Bullied Off Social Media

Country star Jelly Roll quits social media due to relentless bullying over his weight, but remains determined to prioritize his health and continue his fitness journey with the support of his wife.

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Country Star Jelly Roll Starts Fitness Journey After Being Bullied Off Social Media

Country Star Jelly Roll Starts Fitness Journey After Being Bullied Off Social Media

Jelly Roll, a popular country music artist, has started a fitness journey to lose 250 pounds after facing relentless bullying on social media about his weight. The singer's wife, Bunnie Xo, recently revealed that Jelly Roll has completely disengaged from the internet due to the constant body-shaming and negative remarks made about his size.

"He's gotten off the internet because he's so tired of being bullied about his f--king weight," Bunnie shared on her podcast. "It hurts him. He's the sweetest angel baby." She expressed frustration that being a celebrity does not make her husband immune to the impact of vicious trolls and emphasized that people should refrain from bullying others, as they do not know what someone may be going through mentally.

Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason Bradley DeFord, has been open about his struggles with weight in the past. In 2015, he weighed over 500 pounds but managed to lose around 200 pounds. However, he gained back 60 pounds while touring. Determined to prioritize his health, Jelly Roll has recently lost over 70 pounds through a rigorous exercise regimen and a healthy diet. He plans to lose an additional 100-plus pounds as he prepares for his upcoming "Beautifully Broken Tour" later this year.

Despite the online harassment, Jelly Roll has had a successful year in his music career. He was nominated for two Grammy Awards and won top prizes at the 2024 CMT Music Awards. The singer also made an appearance as a celebrity mentor on "American Idol." Jelly Roll and Bunnie have been married since 2016, and she has been a supportive stepmother to his two children from previous relationships.

Why this matters: Jelly Roll's experience highlights the pervasive issue of cyberbullying and its impact on mental health, even for public figures. It underscores the importance of promoting kindness and empathy online, recognizing that celebrities are not immune to the harmful effects of bullying.

Bunnie Xo has vowed to stand up for her husband and fight against any bullying or lies spread about their family. "I'm going to fight till the end for him," she declared. "I'm going to stand up for all the f---ing underdogs." As Jelly Roll continues his fitness journey and prepares for his upcoming tour, he remains focused on his health and well-being, with the unwavering support of his wife by his side.

Key Takeaways

  • Country singer Jelly Roll, 500+ lbs, lost 200 lbs but regained 60 lbs.
  • Jelly Roll disengaged from internet due to relentless bullying about his weight.
  • Jelly Roll has lost 70 lbs and plans to lose 100+ more for upcoming tour.
  • Jelly Roll was nominated for 2 Grammys and won CMT Music Awards in 2024.
  • Jelly Roll's wife vows to fight against bullying and support his fitness journey.