Mi Casita Restaurant Gains Popularity After Baylor Coach's Visit

Waco's Mi Casita restaurant sees surge in customers after Baylor football coach's visit, highlighting the power of endorsements and the community's pride in local businesses.

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Mi Casita Restaurant Gains Popularity After Baylor Coach's Visit

Mi Casita Restaurant Gains Popularity After Baylor Coach's Visit

Mi Casita, a local Mexican restaurant in Waco, Texas, has seen a surge in customers after Baylor University's head football coach, Dave Aranda, was spotted dining in one of the restaurant's booths. The coach's appearance at the small family-owned establishment has brought newfound attention and business to Mi Casita.

The restaurant, known for its authentic Mexican cuisine and friendly atmosphere, has been a favorite among Waco residents for years. However, Coach Aranda's visit has put Mi Casita in the spotlight, attracting both Baylor fans and curious diners eager to experience the same dishes enjoyed by the popular coach.

"We've definitely seen an increase in customers since Coach Aranda's visit," said Maria Hernandez, the owner of Mi Casita. "It's been wonderful to welcome so many new faces and introduce them to our family recipes."

Hernandez, who runs the restaurant with her husband and two daughters, conveyed appreciation for the unexpected increase in business. The family takes pride in their made-from-scratch dishes, which include traditional favorites like enchiladas, tacos, and tamales.

Baylor students and alumni have been particularly excited about Coach Aranda's endorsement of Mi Casita. Many have taken to social media to share their own experiences at the restaurant and encourage others to support the local business.

"I've been coming to Mi Casita for years, and it's great to see Coach Aranda appreciating the same great food and service that I've always loved," said Baylor senior Emily Johnson. "It's evidence of the quality and authenticity of the restaurant."

The increased attention has not only helped Mi Casita but has also brought a feeling of fulfillment to the local community. Waco residents are thrilled to see a beloved local establishment gaining recognition and support from such a prominent figure in the Baylor community.

As word continues to spread about Coach Aranda's visit, Mi Casita remains focused on what they do best: serving delicious, homemade Mexican food with a warm and welcoming spirit. The Hernandez family is grateful for the support and looks forward to sharing their passion for food with both old and new customers alike.

"We're just happy to be doing what we love and sharing our food with the community," said Maria Hernandez. "Whether you're a coach, a student, or just someone looking for a good meal, our doors are always open at Mi Casita."

Key Takeaways

  • Local Mexican restaurant Mi Casita sees surge in customers after Baylor coach's visit.
  • Owner Maria Hernandez grateful for increased business and new customers.
  • Mi Casita known for authentic Mexican cuisine and family-owned atmosphere.
  • Baylor students and alumni excited about coach's endorsement of the restaurant.
  • Community feels fulfilled to see local business gain recognition from Baylor figure.