Home Depot Launches First-Ever "Halfway to Halloween" Sale Online

Home Depot launches "Halfway to Halloween" sale in April 2024, offering giant skeletons, Frankenstein, and more Halloween decor months before the holiday, reflecting growing demand for early Halloween shopping.

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Home Depot Launches First-Ever "Halfway to Halloween" Sale Online

Home Depot Launches First-Ever "Halfway to Halloween" Sale Online

Home Depot is launching its first-ever "Halfway to Halloween" sale online on Thursday, April 25, 2024, offering select items from its 2024 Halloween lineup months ahead of the holiday. The sale is aimed at meeting the high demand for Halloween decorations, with some of the larger items carrying significant price tags.

The sale features five main items: a new and improved 12-foot Giant-Sized Skelly with 8 LCD eye settings ($299), a 5-foot Skeleton Dog with 8 LCD eye settings and a posable mouth ($199), a 7-foot Animated LED Frankenstein's Monster inspired by the Universal classic ($249), a 12.5-foot Giant-Sized Inferno Deadwood Skeleton with a color-changing feature ($379), and a 3-pack of 5-foot LED Ultra Pose-n-Stay Skeletons ($119). "We're thrilled to offer our customers an early chance to get their hands on some of our most popular Halloween decorations," said a Home Depot spokesperson.

Home Depot is releasing these items earlier than ever to cater to the growing demand for Halloween-themed products. The company announced the return of these Halloween decorations on Instagram in March but did not confirm any official launch dates at the time. The items are available exclusively on the Home Depot website while supplies last, with a limit of one per customer.

Why this matters: The "Halfway to Halloween" sale reflects the increasing popularity of Halloween and the growing demand for Halloween decorations earlier in the year. By launching this sale, Home Depot is capitalizing on this trend and solidifying its position as a leading retailer for Halloween products.

In addition to the "Halfway to Halloween" sale, Home Depot is also running its Spring Black Friday Sale 2024 until April 28th, offering discounts on various outdoor and home improvement items. The company plans to release more Halloween props later in the year, including a 7.5-foot animated plague doctor, a 10-foot haunted maple tree, and a 9-foot headless horseman. "We're excited to bring even more Halloween fun to our customers throughout the year," the spokesperson added.

Key Takeaways

  • Home Depot launches "Halfway to Halloween" sale on Apr 25, 2024.
  • Offers 5 new Halloween items, including a 12-ft skeleton for $299.
  • Aims to meet high demand for Halloween decor earlier in the year.
  • Sale reflects growing popularity of Halloween and demand for early products.
  • Home Depot also running Spring Black Friday Sale 2024 until Apr 28.