Liam and Olivia Reign as Top US BabyNamesfor Fifth Year in 2023

The Social Security Administration released the 2023 list of most popular baby names, with Liam and Olivia topping the list for the fifth consecutive year. Notable changes include Mateo's rise to sixth place and Kaeli and Eiden emerging as the fastest-rising names, influenced by pop culture and social media.

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Liam and Olivia Reign as Top US BabyNamesfor Fifth Year in 2023

Liam and Olivia Reign as Top US BabyNamesfor Fifth Year in 2023

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has released the official list of the mostpopular baby namesfor 2023, with Liam and Olivia securing the top spots for boys and girls, respectively, for the fifth consecutive year. The annual report highlights the enduring appeal of these names, as well as notable changes and trends in baby naming practices across the United States.

Liam, an Irish name meaning "strong-willed warrior," has been the top choice for baby boys since 2017. Olivia, derived from the Latin word for "olive tree," has held the number one position for girls since 2019. The consistency of these names at the top of the rankings reflects parents' preference for classic, timeless names with strong meanings.

The SSA's report also revealed notable changes in the top 10 list for boys, with Mateo climbing to sixth place, replacing Benjamin, which dropped off the list from ninth place in 2022. This shift suggests a growing interest in diverse, cross-cultural names among American parents.

The influence of pop culture and social media on baby naming trends was evident in the SSA's findings. Kaeli, likely inspired by YouTube and TikTok star Kaeli McEwen, experienced the most dramatic rise among girls' names, soaring 1,692 spots to become the "fastest-rising" name in 2023. "Parents must have really smashed the 'like' button for YouTube and TikTok star Kaeli McEwen (also known as Kaeli Mae), who routinely promotes a clean, tidy, and neutral-aesthetic lifestyle," the SSA press release noted.

For boys, Eiden emerged as the fastest riser, possibly due to the popularity of TikTok creator Wyatt Eiden, who boasts 1.6 billion views and over 3 million followers. "Trending in third place as the boy's fastest riser, is Eiden -- perhaps it was TikTok creator Wyatt Eiden's 1.6 billion views and over 3 million followers that prompted this name's meteoric rise,"the press release stated.

The SSA's baby names list, drawn from Social Security card applications, has been published annually since 1997. The agency's records of baby names date back to 1880, reflecting the evolution of naming practices and cultural influences over time. In 1922, the first year comprehensive baby name data became available, the top names were John and Mary, a far cry from today's favorites.

As the SSA's 2023 babynames listdemonstrates, parents are increasingly seeking unique yet familiar names for their children, drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, including popular culture, social media, and diverse cultural traditions. The enduring popularity of Liam and Olivia, along with the rise of names like Mateo, Kaeli, and Eiden, reflects the ever-evolving landscape of baby naming in the United States.