Little Village: Detroit's New Cultural Corridor Debuts

Little Village, a new cultural corridor, debuts in Detroit's East Village neighborhood on May 18, 2024, featuring a transformed church, public art, and green spaces. The project, led by husband-and-wife duo Anthony and JJ Curis, aims to revitalize the area through arts and culture.

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Little Village: Detroit's New Cultural Corridor Debuts

Little Village: Detroit's New Cultural Corridor Debuts

On May 18, 2024, a new cultural corridor called Little Village will debut in Detroit's East Village neighborhood. The project is the brainchild of husband-and-wife duo Anthony and JJ Curis, who have been working for decades to revitalize the city through arts and culture.

Why this matters: The revitalization of Detroit's East Village neighborhood through arts and culture has the potential to boost local economic growth and community engagement. This project serves as a model for urban renewal initiatives nationwide, showcasing the power of creative placemaking in transforming underserved areas.

The centerpiece of Little Village is The Shepherd, a former church built in 1911 that has been transformed into a cultural arts center. The Curises, who are preservationists at heart, have maintained the integrity of the original architecture. The church now features two new gallery spaces and a library curated by Asmaa Walton. It will also host live performances and installations.

Adjacent to The Shepherd is the Charles McGee Legacy Park, a sculpture garden featuring three large-scale pieces by the renowned Detroit artist. The park debuts McGee's first figurative work in public sculpture, designed before his passing in 2021.

The grounds surrounding The Shepherd offer over 3.5 acres of new publicly accessible park and green space, including a public skatepark designed in collaboration with Tony Hawk and McArthur Binion. The area will also feature a boutique bed-and-breakfast, communal event spaces, and artist residency programs.

Anthony Curis explained that their focus on arts and culture stems from their shared passion for the arts and its impact on communities. "When we met, we had a shared appreciation of the arts, and it was something that became passionate for us... It really snowballed." The debut of Little Village marks a significant milestone in the Curises' efforts to revitalize Detroit through arts and culture. With its transformed church, public art, green spaces, and artist programs, the new cultural corridor aims to become a vibrant hub for creativity and community in the city's East Village neighborhood.

Key Takeaways

  • Little Village, a new cultural corridor, debuts in Detroit's East Village on May 18, 2024.
  • The project aims to revitalize the neighborhood through arts and culture, boosting local economic growth.
  • The Shepherd, a former church, is the centerpiece, featuring gallery spaces, a library, and live performances.
  • The corridor includes a sculpture garden, public skatepark, and green spaces, totaling 3.5 acres.
  • Little Village offers artist residency programs, event spaces, and a boutique bed-and-breakfast.