Oklahoma Fashion Influencer Promotes 'Dopamine Dressing' for Joy and Confidence

Hannah Barnthouse, a fashion influencer, promotes "dopamine dressing," wearing clothes that bring joy and confidence. She encourages people to focus on personal style and ignore trends, building a wardrobe that sparks happiness.

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Oklahoma Fashion Influencer Promotes 'Dopamine Dressing' for Joy and Confidence

Oklahoma Fashion Influencer Promotes 'Dopamine Dressing' for Joy and Confidence

Hannah Barnthouse, a 31-year-old fashion influencer and business owner from Oklahoma, is championing the concept of "dopamine dressing" - wearing clothes that bring joy and feel confidence. Barnthouse, who goes by the moniker Feed Me Gems, believes that anyone can achieve dopamine dressing regardless of their personal style.

The idea behind dopamine dressing is that wearing clothes that make you happy can release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that acts as a "motivating agent" to help find "positive outcomes," according to chartered psychologist Carolyn Mair. "Every day when I get ready, I'm really excited for my coffee, and I'm really excited to get dopamine dressed. Those are the two things that really bring me to life," Barnthouse shared.

Barnthouse's personal style is characterized by vibrant, sparkle-infused outfits, including tulle tops, platform heels, and jewel-toned gems. However, she emphasizes that dopamine dressing is not limited to any specific aesthetic. "Essentially, when you pick out pieces that you love that bring your soul joy, it tricks your brain into releasing dopamine. When you're wearing the pieces you love, it genuinely makes you a happier human," she explained.

The fashion influencer encourages people to ignore trends unless they truly resonate with them and instead focus on finding a personal style that brings them joy. She suggests starting with one item in your closet that you love and building from there to create a dopamine dressing wardrobe. "Dopamine dressing is really about dressing in a way that makes you feel good. If that's comfort first, then that is dopamine dressing for you," Mair added.

Barnthouse's message of embracing personal style and dressing for happiness has resonated with her followers. By promoting dopamine dressing, she aims to inspire others to boost their confidence and self-expression through fashion choices that bring them joy, regardless of current trends or societal expectations.

Key Takeaways

  • Hannah Barnthouse promotes "dopamine dressing" to boost happiness and confidence.
  • Dopamine dressing involves wearing clothes that bring joy and release dopamine.
  • It's not about a specific aesthetic, but about wearing what makes you happy.
  • Focus on personal style, ignore trends, and start with one loved item in your closet.
  • Dopamine dressing aims to inspire confidence and self-expression through joyful fashion choices.