Potato Corner Introduces Poco Mascot and Merchandise to Capture Hearts Globally

Potato Corner introduces Poco, a playful mascot embodying fun, amiability, and youthful zest, to create a deeper emotional bond with customers. The brand launches a range of Poco-inspired merchandise, including tees, hats, and tote bags, to evoke excitement and delight.

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Potato Corner Introduces Poco Mascot and Merchandise to Capture Hearts Globally

Potato Corner Introduces Poco Mascot and Merchandise to Capture Hearts Globally

Potato Corner, a beloved snack brand, has launched a new mascot named Poco, a playful and vivacious character designed to capture hearts globally. After 30 years of spreading joy through its flavorful fries, the brand aims to create a deeper emotional bond with customers and enhance their overall experience with Poco embodying the essence of fun, amiability, and youthful zest.

"We envision Poco as a symbol of traits like joy, amiability, and youthful exuberance. Poco is the life of the party, always ready to bring a smile to your face and make every moment memorable," said Kitty Silayan, Brand Manager of Potato Corner. "Poco transcends being just a mascot; it symbolizes the joyful moments shared over flavorful snacks at Potato Corner. With its playful demeanor and infectious energy, Poco embodies the essence of our brand, infusing an extra layer of fun into every Potato Corner encounter."

Inspired by Poco's playful spirit, Potato Corner has unveiled a range of merchandise including graphic tees with Poco designs, stylish bucket hats, trendy tote bags, charming stickers capturing Poco's allure, and an adorable magnetic Poco plushie. "The inspiration behind the Poco Merchandise stems from our desire to encapsulate Poco's personality – playful, friendly, energetic, and outgoing – in merchandise items that are trendy and appealing to our customers," said Dea Santos, Marketing Head.

The merchandise lineup aims to evoke the same sense of excitement and delight that Poco brings to every Potato Corner experience. With Poco leading the way, the brand invites old and new fans to join them on an exciting journey filled with laughter, friendship, and fond memories. Potato Corner also plans to explore new opportunities for expansion and innovation following the launch of Poco and the merchandise line.

The introduction of Poco as Potato Corner's new mascot, along with the launch of the Poco-inspired merchandise lineup, marks a significant milestone for the brand in its mission to spread joy and create lasting emotional connections with customers globally. As Potato Corner continues to delight taste buds with its flavorful fries, Poco is set to become an iconic symbol of the brand's fun-loving spirit and the cherished moments shared by fans worldwide.

Key Takeaways

  • Potato Corner launches new mascot Poco, a playful and vivacious character.
  • Poco embodies fun, amiability, and youthful zest, aiming to create emotional bonds with customers.
  • Poco-inspired merchandise includes graphic tees, bucket hats, tote bags, stickers, and plushies.
  • The brand aims to evoke excitement and delight with Poco, inviting fans on a journey of laughter and memories.
  • Poco marks a milestone for Potato Corner, spreading joy and creating lasting connections with customers globally.