British Tourist Bitten by Venomous Snake at Cyprus Yoga Retreat

British tourist bitten by deadly snake during yoga retreat in Cyprus, requiring intensive care treatment and wheelchair mobility. Highlights risks of unfamiliar destinations and importance of medical attention for venomous bites.

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British Tourist Bitten by Venomous Snake  at Cyprus Yoga Retreat

British Tourist Bitten by Venomous Snake at Cyprus Yoga Retreat

Sam West, a 40-year-old British tourist from Shifnal, Shropshire, was bitten by a five-foot blunt-nosed viper while meditating at a yoga retreat in Paphos, Cyprus, on April 3, 2024. The incident occurred just as West was about to participate in a meditation session at the Atlantica Aphrodite Hills hotel.

West was rushed to the emergency department, where she received anti-venom treatment and spent four days in intensive care. After being discharged from the hospital, West has been relying on a wheelchair for mobility and is awaiting word from her insurance company regarding her return flight, which is not expected until Tuesday.

The bite occurred on West's left ankle, causing immediate and intense pain. Her leg was severely bruised and swollen following the incident. The blunt-nosed viper is one of three venomous snakes found in Cyprus, and its bite can be incredibly painful and potentially life-threatening if not treated without delay.

Why this matters: The incident highlights the potential dangers that tourists may face when traveling to unfamiliar destinations, even during seemingly safe activities like yoga retreats. It also highlights the importance of being aware of local wildlife and the need for prompt medical attention in the event of a venomous snake bite .

The hotel responded swiftly by clearing vegetation around the meditation platform and calling pest control. A TUI UK & Ireland spokesperson stated that the safety of their customers is their highest priority. West received hundreds of messages of support, and her tour company TUI and the hotel staff were said to be very supportive throughout the ordeal.

Key Takeaways

  • British tourist Sam West bitten by 5-ft viper in Cyprus yoga retreat
  • West spent 4 days in intensive care, now relying on wheelchair
  • Blunt-nosed viper bite can be life-threatening if not treated promptly
  • Hotel responded by clearing vegetation, calling pest control
  • Incident highlights risks tourists face, importance of awareness of local wildlife