YMCA Expands in Midland, Texas with New Facilities and Outdoor Spaces

The YMCA breaks ground on a 12,500 sq ft expansion in northwest Midland, Texas, featuring group exercise classes, pickleball courts, and a STEM area. The project will also develop outdoor spaces on a 25-acre plot, adding 200 childcare spots and aquatic programming.

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YMCA Expands in Midland, Texas with New Facilities and Outdoor Spaces

YMCA Expands in Midland, Texas with New Facilities and Outdoor Spaces

The YMCA has embarked on a significant expansion project in northwest Midland, Texas, breaking ground on Wednesday for a 12,500 square foot addition to its existing facility. The new space will feature group exercise classes, three pickleball courts, and a dedicated STEM area.

According to Liz Harris-Jurado, senior director of operations, the expansion will provide 200 additional childcare spots between the YMCA's downtown facility and the expanded northwest location. The project also includes plans to develop outdoor spaces on a 25-acre plot of land purchased by the YMCA last May.

"This one is staying, then we'll be able to do all those things out there, and once we break ground and get going on this remodel, we will be able to master plan the entire 25 acres," stated Harris-Jurado. The outdoor amenities will include green space, a fishing pond stocked with catfish for families to enjoy together, and aquatic programming to teach water safety and open water skills.

The expansion is a strategic move by the YMCA to better serve the growing community in northwest Midland. Harris-Jurado noted, "Midland is expanding to the north, and the organization's expansion will help it better serve greater Midland."

The groundbreaking marks a significant milestone for the YMCA as it works to provide more comprehensive services and facilities to the Midland community. With the addition of new program spaces and the development of the 25-acre outdoor area, the YMCA is positioned to offer a wider range of activities and opportunities for local families to engage in healthy living and social interaction.

Key Takeaways

  • YMCA breaks ground on 12,500 sqft expansion in northwest Midland, TX.
  • New space features group exercise classes, 3 pickleball courts, and STEM area.
  • Expansion adds 200 childcare spots between downtown and northwest locations.
  • 25-acre outdoor space to include green space, fishing pond, and aquatic programming.
  • Expansion aims to better serve growing northwest Midland community.