Paris 2024 Olympics: Unprecedented Security Measures Amid Terror Threat

With 100 days to Paris 2024 Olympics, organizers implement unprecedented security measures, including 45,000 police officers, to address heightened terror threat, as they prepare for the first-ever opening ceremony on the Seine River.

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Paris 2024 Olympics: Unprecedented Security Measures Amid Terror Threat

Paris 2024 Olympics: Unprecedented Security Measures Amid Terror Threat

With just 100 days until the Paris 2024 Olympics begin, organizers are implementing unparalleled security measures in response to a heightened terror threat. The opening ceremony, set to take place along the Seine River, will be the first held outside a stadium, with 10,000 athletes parading on boats during the six-kilometer journey.

However, French President Emmanuel Macron has admitted that relocation plans are in place should a viable terror threat emerge. Security is the primary concern, with 45,000 police officers on duty and an additional deployment of over 2,500 foreign officers assisting. Parts of central Paris will be closed off, and the airspace will be shut for the evening of the ceremony.

Ticket holders will face security assessments, and more than a million background checks are expected to be conducted. The British delegation will have a mobile phone app with an alert button that will trigger their own private security team, while additional measures will be applied to delegations from high-risk nations.

Why this matters: The Paris 2024 Olympics are not only a global sporting event but also a potential target for terrorist attacks. The heightened security measures reflect the ongoing threat of terrorism and the need for international cooperation to ensure the safety of athletes and spectators.

Despite the security concerns, Macron is calling for an "Olympic truce, a diplomatic moment of peace" to begin with the opening ceremony. The Paris 2024 Olympics organizers have launched the sale of 250,000 tickets as part of initiatives to mark the start of the 100-day countdown to the Games. The final round of ticket sales will be on a first-come, first-served basis, with prices ranging from €24 to €980.

French Sports Minister Amelie Oudea-Castera stated that the opening ceremony would only be moved to a stadium if there was a major security risk, as this would mean scrapping the parade on the Seine River and restricting the ceremony to speeches. She emphasized that there was "no specific terror threat" to the ceremony, and holding the event on the Seine remained "the central scenario."

Key Takeaways

  • Paris 2024 Olympics face heightened terror threat, prompting unprecedented security
  • Opening ceremony to be held on Seine River, with 10,000 athletes on boats
  • 45,000 police officers, 2,500 foreign officers, airspace closure for ceremony
  • Ticket holders face security checks, over 1 million background checks planned
  • Organizers aim for "Olympic truce" despite security concerns, sell 250,000 tickets