Eddie Kwizera Criticizes Misuse of Funds in Uganda's Government Agencies

Ugandan news editor criticizes misuse of public funds, highlighting the need for accountability and efficient resource allocation for development, as the government plans reforms to reduce administrative costs.

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Eddie Kwizera Criticizes Misuse of Funds in Uganda's Government Agencies

Eddie Kwizera Criticizes Misuse of Funds in Uganda's Government Agencies

Eddie Kwizera, a news editor, criticized the misuse of funds in Uganda during a video shared on the NBS Morning Breeze program. He stated that it is futile to rationalize an agency and divert savings to administration instead of development. Kwizera emphasized the importance of using funds effectively for development rather than wasting them on administrative costs.

The video highlighted the need for accountability and proper utilization of resources in Uganda. Kwizera argued that it is important to ensure that funds are used effectively for the intended purposes, rather than being diverted to administrative expenses. He stressed the need for transparency and accountability in the management of public resources to ensure that they are utilized for the benefit of the people.

Why this matters: Kwizera's criticism sheds light on the ongoing issue of mismanagement of public funds in Uganda's government agencies. His comments underscore the importance of ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and used for their intended purposes, particularly in promoting development and improving the lives of Ugandan citizens.

The Works Ministry in Uganda is planning to table fresh amendments to the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Amendment Bill 2024. One of the key areas to be considered is the huge wage bill and the large number of staff at UNRA, which is estimated to have close to 1,200 employees. Works Minister Katumba Wamala revealed that the return of UNRA to the Ministry of Works could save the government a monthly fee of 39 billion Ugandan shillings that currently goes towards workers' wages. This saved money could then be redirected to the construction of roads that are in poor condition.

However, Parliament has previously blocked the return of UNRA to the ministry. According to a member of the Committee on Physical Infrastructure, not returning UNRA to the ministry could save the government 227.24 billion Ugandan shillings in payments to workers who would be laid off. The high wage bill is attributed to the highly skilled labor force at UNRA, which the ministry had failed to retain in the past due to low pay. UNRA also contributes 75 billion Ugandan shillings to the Consolidated Fund through the collection of road toll fees, which helps cover its wage bill.

The Ugandan Parliament has directed that the rationalization of the Non-Performing Assets Recovery Trust (NPART) and Departed Asians Property Custodian Board will only be concluded after an audit. The Parliament debated the Non-Performing Assets Recovery Trust (Amendment) Bill, 2024, which sought to dissolve the Trust, the Board of Trustees, and the Sinking Fund under the NPART. The committee chairperson, Amos Kankunda, emphasized the need for transparency and accountability, stating that "Parliament must receive a thorough inventory of the Trust's assets before repealing the law or dissolving the fund, trust, and board of trustees."

The committee recommended rejecting the repeal Bill until a comprehensive inventory of the Trust's assets is provided to Parliament. The Departed Asians' Property Custodian Board is also pending an audit of its assets before the dissolution of the Board. Additionally, the government withdrew the Tier 4 Microfinance Institutions and Money Lenders (Amendment) Bill, 2024, which aimed to rationalize the Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority (UMRA), citing structural challenges within the finance ministry.

Kwizera's criticism and the ongoing debates in Parliament highlight the need for greater transparency, accountability, and effective utilization of <a href="https://www.monitor.co.ug/uganda/oped/editorial/extend-capacity-audits-across-key-public-departments-4602

Key Takeaways

  • News editor criticized misuse of funds in Uganda, advocating for development over admin costs.
  • Govt plans to reduce UNRA's large workforce to save on wage bill and redirect funds to roads.
  • Parliament blocked UNRA's return to Works Ministry, citing high layoff costs and skilled labor.
  • Audits required before dissolving NPART and Departed Asians' Property Custodian Board.
  • Govt withdrew bill to rationalize Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority due to structural challenges.