AIUDF Chief Pledges 700 Additional Madrasas in Assam if Party Wins Key Seats

Assam's AIUDF party pledges to open 700 more madrasas if elected, sparking debate on the role of Islamic schools in the state.

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AIUDF Chief Pledges 700 Additional  Madrasas in Assam if Party Wins Key Seats

AIUDF Chief Pledges 700 Additional Madrasas in Assam if Party Wins Key Seats

Badruddin Ajmal, the chief of the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), has pledged to open 700 additional madrasas in Assam after the 2024 Lok Sabha elections if AIUDF MPs win in the Karimganj and Nagaon constituencies. Ajmal made this announcement while addressing an election rally in Nagaon, where he is supporting AIUDF candidate Aminul Islam.

The AIUDF is contesting three out of the 14 parliamentary seats in Assam - Dhubri, Karimganj, and Nagaon, where Muslims are a major voting force. Ajmal, who is contesting the MP elections for the fourth time from Dhubri, has expressed confidence that the AIUDF will win all three seats. He claimed that Aminul Islam will win the Nagaon seat by a difference of more than 2 lakh votes.

Why this matters: The pledge to open hundreds of additional madrasas in Assam has significant political and social implications, as it comes amidst the state government's efforts to convert madrasas into regular schools. This development highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the role and future of Islamic religious schools in the state.

During his speech, Ajmal criticized Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and the BJP government for shutting down many madrasas in the state. He also attacked Congress leader Pradyut Bordoloi, accusing him of depriving and neglecting the Muslim community in the last five years.

The Assam government has already converted 1,281 government and provincialised madrasas into regular schools. Chief Minister Sarma has stated that they are working to reduce the number of private madrasas from 3,000 to 2,000 by the end of 2024.

In response to Ajmal's pledge, Chief Minister Sarma said that the BJP's main contest in the Nagaon and Karimganj districts is with the AIUDF, not the Congress party. He expressed confidence in the BJP's prospects in these constituencies.

AIUDF General Secretary Aminul Islam announced that the party will directly contest in 3 Lok Sabha constituencies in Assam and support other party candidates in 3 more constituencies to defeat the BJP. The party is expecting its candidates Badruddin Ajmal and Haji Aminul Islam to win from Dhubri and Nagaon respectively, with Ajmal predicte

Key Takeaways

  • AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal pledges to open 700 more madrasas in Assam if elected.
  • AIUDF contesting 3 of 14 Assam Lok Sabha seats, confident of winning all 3.
  • Assam govt. converting madrasas into regular schools, reducing private madrasas from 3000 to 2000.
  • BJP's main contest in Nagaon, Karimganj is with AIUDF, not Congress, says CM Sarma.
  • AIUDF expects to win Dhubri, Nagaon seats, support other parties in 3 more constituencies.