Andrej Plenković to Lead HDZ Party List for 2024 European Parliament Elections

Plenković, Croatia's PM, set to lead HDZ party in 2024 EU elections, raising questions about the future of the Croatian government.

Ebenezer Mensah
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Andrej Plenković to Lead HDZ Party List for 2024 European Parliament Elections

Andrej Plenković to Lead HDZ Party List for 2024 European Parliament Elections

Andrej Plenković, the current Prime Minister of Croatia and leader of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party, is set to head the party's list for the European Parliament elections scheduled for June 9, 2024. This move could potentially secure him a five-year mandate as a member of the European Parliament.

The HDZ party won the plurality in the recent 2024 Croatian parliamentary election, but fell short of an absolute majority. Government formation talks are still ongoing, with the final results expected to be announced by April 25 or April 30 at the latest, after a repeat of voting in two polling stations. The first session of the new Croatian parliament will be an opportunity to see if any party or coalition has managed to secure the necessary majority of 76 deputies to elect the Parliament Speaker and constitute the Sabor.

Croatia is entitled to 12 seats in the European Parliament, which will be elected through a semi-open list proportional representation system in a single nationwide constituency. The nomination applications for the election can be submitted from April 10-23, 2024. The Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP) has also approved its 2024 European Parliament list, which includes coalition partners Dalija Orešković and Bojan Glavašević.

Why this matters: The European Parliament elections in Croatia will be the first after Brexit and could impact the country's representation and influence in the EU. Plenković's potential move to the European Parliament also raises questions about the future leadership and direction of the HDZ party and the Croatian government.

Plenković announced that starting Monday, further talks on forming a new government will begin with all those who are ready, based on the trust they received from voters. He stated that the HDZ and its partners are the relative winners of the elections, and they will form the government again. "The minorities are ready to cooperate, and we have already held a meeting with minority representatives," Plenković said. He also mentioned that they have had contacts with the Homeland Movement (DP) and will talk with them this week, dismissing speculations about specific ministry requests or conditions.

Key Takeaways

  • Plenković to lead HDZ party list for 2024 EU elections
  • HDZ won plurality in 2024 Croatian parliamentary election
  • Croatia entitled to 12 seats in European Parliament
  • EU elections in Croatia could impact country's EU representation
  • Plenković to begin talks on forming new Croatian government