Biden Touts New Microsoft AI Facility in Wisconsin, Criticizes Trump’s Foxconn Investment Amid Re-election Campaign

Biden campaign is launching a significant digital and television ad campaign targeting minority audiences and plans to have a substantial presence in traditionally underrepresented areas.

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Biden Hits Trump on Foxconn Failure, Touts New Microsoft AI Facility; Re-election Campaign Intensifies Minority Outreach.

The Biden re-election campaign is intensifying its efforts to engage minority voters and build a strong ground game in key battleground states, while drawing a contrast with former President Donald Trump's approach.

Recent comments from Biden reflected this difference, “[Trump] came here with your senator, Ron Johnson, literally holding a golden shovel. ... They dug a hole with those golden shovels, and then they fell into it.”

"We're showing up in the community every day and attempting to earn every vote. Donald Trump and his team are doing none of that," said Quentin Fulks, Biden's principal deputy campaign manager.

The campaign is launching a seven-figure digital and television ad campaign, with a significant portion targeted at Black, Hispanic, and Asian American audiences. This follows a $30 million effort that began after Biden's State of the Union address in March.

"Equally important as our own historic investments is the complete lack of investment on the other side," said Michael Tyler, the Biden campaign's communications director. "Trump's paid media strategy can only be described as anemic and inefficient."

By the end of May, the Biden campaign plans to have more than 200 offices and roughly 500 staff members in place, including in areas that traditionally haven't seen investments from Democrats in states like Michigan, Arizona, and North Carolina.

"We're showing up in the community every day and attempting to earn every vote," Fulks reiterated.

The contrast with Trump's approach was highlighted during Biden's visit to Racine, Wisconsin, where Microsoft announced plans for a new data center complex expected to create thousands of construction jobs.

"This is about the competitiveness of manufacturing in places like Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania and Ohio," said Microsoft President Brad Smith, praising the Biden administration's economic policies.

Racine County is a critical location in presidential elections, with all but five winning candidates carrying it since 1988. Trump won the county in 2020 but lost Wisconsin, while Biden was the first Democrat since 1976 to win the state without carrying Racine County.

The race is expected to be close again in Wisconsin, where four of the past six presidential elections have been decided by less than a percentage point.

Why It Matters:

The Biden campaign's early and aggressive outreach efforts, particularly to minority communities, and its substantial investments in building a ground game in battleground states could play a crucial role in mobilizing voters and shaping the narrative of the election. By contrasting its approach with Trump's perceived lack of investment, the campaign aims to portray itself as the more engaged and committed candidate.

Additionally, the campaign's focus on economic policies and their impact on manufacturing in crucial swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania highlights the importance of addressing issues that resonate with working-class voters in these regions.

Overall, these efforts underscore the campaign's recognition of the importance of on-the-ground organization, targeted messaging, and addressing the concerns of key voting blocs in what is expected to be a closely contested election.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden campaign intensifying outreach to minority voters.
  • Significant investment in battleground state ground game.
  • Contrasting approach with Trump's perceived lack of effort.
  • Focus on economic policies impacting manufacturing in swing states.
  • Closely contested race expected, especially in Wisconsin.

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