BJP Accuses Rahul Gandhi's Camp of Marginalizing Priyanka and Robert Vadra

BJP accuses Rahul Gandhi's camp of sidelining Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and her husband Robert Vadra in Indian politics. Rahul Gandhi files nomination from Rae Bareli, not Amethi, sparking speculation about Vadra's political aspirations.

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BJP Accuses Rahul Gandhi's Camp of Marginalizing Priyanka and Robert Vadra

BJP Accuses Rahul Gandhi's Camp of Marginalizing Priyanka and Robert Vadra

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken aim at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, alleging that his camp has systematically sidelined his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and her husband Robert Vadra in Indian politics. The accusation comes as Kishori Lal Sharma filed his nomination for the Lok Sabha polls from Amethi, a seat previously held by Rahul Gandhi.

Why this matters: The internal dynamics of the Congress party have significant implications for India's political landscape, as the party's ability to present a united front will impact its chances in the upcoming elections. Moreover, the marginalization of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Robert Vadra could have long-term consequences for the Nehru-Gandhi family's grip on Indian politics.

BJP leader Amit Malviya fired the salvo on Twitter, stating, "Spare a moment for Robert Vadra, who, despite claiming immense popularity in Amethi, was overlooked for the seat. It is obvious that the Rahul Gandhi camp is systematically marginalising both, Priyanka Vadra and her husband, in the Congress. How soon before the sister rebels?"

The controversy stems from Robert Vadra's recent claims of popularity in Amethi and his desire to enter active politics. Last month, Vadra asserted that the nation wanted him to take on a more prominent role, even hinting at contesting the Lok Sabha polls from Amethi, Moradabad, or Haryana. "As far as my role in active politics is concerned, people have always strengthened me when I have worked for them," Vadra stated. "The country wants me to be in active politics. If the Congress party feels that I can bring a change, I will come into active politics. It is not necessary that I will contest from Amethi, I can also contest from Moradabad and Haryana."

However, Vadra's aspirations were seemingly dashed when Rahul Gandhi chose to file his nomination papers from Rae Bareli, another Congress bastion vacated by his mother Sonia Gandhi, rather than Amethi. The move raised eyebrows, as Rahul Gandhi had previously represented Amethi thrice in the Lok Sabha before losing the seat to BJP's Smriti Irani in 2019.

Amid the political maneuvering, former Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam claimed that a conspiracy was being hatched against Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Krishnam suggested that Rahul Gandhi should have contested from Varanasi against Prime Minister Narendra Modi if he did not want to contest from Amethi. Speculation had also swirled that Priyanka Gandhi would contest from Rae Bareli after Sonia Gandhi vacated the seat.

As the battle for Amethi heats up, the BJP's accusations have added a new dimension to the complex political dynamics within the Congress party. With Rahul Gandhi opting for Rae Bareli and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's role still uncertain, the future of the Nehru-Gandhi family's political dominance hangs in the balance. The coming weeks will reveal whether the BJP's allegations hold weight or if the Congress can present a united front in the face of internal strife.

Key Takeaways

  • BJP alleges Rahul Gandhi's camp is sidelining Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Robert Vadra in Indian politics.
  • Robert Vadra claimed popularity in Amethi and wanted to contest Lok Sabha polls, but was overlooked.
  • Rahul Gandhi chose to contest from Rae Bareli instead of Amethi, raising eyebrows.
  • Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's role in the upcoming elections remains uncertain.
  • The BJP's allegations have added to the internal strife within the Congress party.