Brexit Regret: Majority of British Voters Now Believe Leaving EU Was a Mistake

As UK marks 8 years of Brexit, polls show most Britons now believe leaving EU was a mistake, potentially influencing the upcoming general election and UK-EU relations.

Shivani Chauhan
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Brexit Regret: Majority of British Voters Now Believe Leaving EU Was a Mistake

Brexit Regret: Majority of British Voters Now Believe Leaving EU Was a Mistake

As the United Kingdom marks the 8th anniversary of the historic Brexit referendum, a significant shift in public opinion has emerged. According to The Economist's "The Intelligence" podcast, most British voters now believe that leaving the European Union was a mistake. This change in sentiment could potentially influence the outcome of the upcoming UK general election.

Polling expert Professor John Curtice predicts that the changing generational attitudes towards the EU could result in another referendum on British membership by 2040. The timescale, however, would depend on "uncertain politics" and how a potential future Labour government approaches relations with the EU.

Labour leader Keir Starmer has ruled out rejoining the EU if his party wins the next election, but has indicated his intention to improve relations with Brussels and negotiate a better trade deal. However, the party's largely anti-Brexit voter base could influence its approach to EU relations.

The shift in public opinion is notable, with an increasing number of people, including 18% of Leave voters, now believing that the decision to leave the EU was wrong. Nearly 80% of Britons want the UK to have a closer relationship with the EU in the future, with 43% wanting the UK to rejoin the EU and 13% preferring a return to the single market only.

Why this matters: The changing attitudes towards Brexit could have significant implications for the future of UK-EU relations and the political landscape in the United Kingdom. As the country confronts the consequences of leaving the EU, the upcoming general election may serve as a referendum on the government's handling of the post-Brexit era.

As the UK navigates its post-Brexit future, the shifting public opinion and the stances of political parties on EU relations will play a vital role in shaping the country's path forward. With a majority of British voters now expressing regret over the decision to leave the EU, the upcoming general election could be a defining moment in determining the future of UK-EU relations.

Key Takeaways

  • Most British voters now believe leaving EU was a mistake, per The Economist podcast.
  • Polling expert predicts another EU referendum by 2040 due to changing generational attitudes.
  • Labour rules out rejoining EU but aims to improve relations and negotiate better trade deal.
  • 18% of Leave voters now believe decision to leave EU was wrong, with 43% wanting to rejoin.
  • Shifting public opinion on Brexit could influence UK's political landscape and future EU relations.