Congress Vows to Probe Alleged Adani Group Violations if Elected to Power

Congress vows to probe Adani-Modi ties if elected, alleging loan waivers for billionaires, highlighting economic and political implications for India.

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Congress Vows to Probe Alleged Adani Group Violations if Elected to Power

Congress Vows to Probe Alleged Adani Group Violations if Elected to Power

The Congress party has reiterated its plan to set up a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to investigate alleged rule violations by the Adani Group if the party is elected to power in India. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been at the forefront of questioning the Adani Group's dealings and demanding a thorough probe.

Gandhi recently claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi allegedly waived off loans worth around Rs 16 lakh crore of his "billionaire friends." He listed various ways this money could have been utilized, such as generating employment opportunities, waiving farm loans, providing gas cylinders to households, and offering free education to disadvantaged communities like Dalits, tribals, and backward classes. Instead, Gandhi alleged, the funds were spent on creating hype for the Adani Group.

Despite being disqualified from Parliament, Gandhi has pledged to continue raising questions about Prime Minister Modi's relationship with Adani. He asserted that he will not be intimidated or silenced, and vowed that the Congress party will run the government for the progress of every Indian if elected to power.

Why this matters: The allegations against the Adani Group and its alleged ties to the Modi government have significant implications for India's political landscape and economic policies. The outcome of the upcoming elections and the potential investigation into the Adani Group could shape the future direction of the country.

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has also accused Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah of selling state-owned factories to industrialists Ambani and Adani. Kharge challenged Modi to recover the "looted money" from the Gandhi family, even though none of its members have been in power since 1989. He criticized Modi's statement about the Congress planning to give people's money and valuables to "infiltrators" and "those who have more children," and defended the Congress' record of ruling the country for 55 years.

Gandhi reiterated his stance, stating that the country will never forgive Modi for the alleged "crime" of waiving off loans for his billionaire friends. He emphasized that the Congress party, if elected to power, will prioritize the progress and well-being of every Indian citizen.

Key Takeaways

  • Congress plans JPC probe into Adani Group if elected to power
  • Rahul Gandhi alleges PM Modi waived off ₹16 lakh cr loans of billionaires
  • Gandhi vows to continue questioning Modi-Adani relationship despite disqualification
  • Kharge accuses Modi of selling state factories to Ambani and Adani
  • Congress pledges to prioritize progress and well-being of all Indians if elected