Cornel West Calls U.S. Political Parties 'Irredeemable' in Presidential Bid

Cornel West, an independent 2024 presidential candidate, declares both major US parties "beyond redemption," citing crises in the GOP and Democratic stances on Israel-Gaza. His historic all-Black ticket with Melina Abdullah aims to disrupt the two-party system.

Ebenezer Mensah
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Cornel West Calls U.S. Political Parties 'Irredeemable' in Presidential Bid

Cornel West Calls U.S. Political Parties 'Irredeemable' in Presidential Bid

Cornel West, an independent candidate for the 2024 U.S. presidential election, has declared that both the Republican and Democratic parties are beyond redemption" in an interview with The Washington Post. West cited the "crisis in the Republican Party" and the "subversion and neo-fascism of [former President Trump]," as well as the Democratic establishment's stance on the Gaza conflict, as reasons for his assessment.

West defended his third-party candidacy as a moral imperative, despite concerns that it could undermine President Biden's re-election bid. "I'm against genocide, I'm against fascism, but we have to fight for justice and peace," West stated. The philosopher and former Princeton professor has faced criticism from those who believe his campaign may split the Democratic vote and benefit the Republican nominee.

President Biden has faced disapproval from the left over his handling of the Israel-Gaza conflict, with a growing number of Americans wanting the president to push Israel to end military action. West also criticized another independent candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., for his comments about Palestinians being "pampered" with international aid.

Why this matters: West's candidacy highlights the growing dissatisfaction among some voters with the two main political parties in the U.S. His campaign, along with that of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., could potentially impact the outcome of the 2024 presidential election by drawing support away from the Democratic nominee.

On April 10, West announced his vice presidential pick, Melina Abdullah, a professor at California State University, Los Angeles, and a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement. Abdullah, a Muslim Black woman, is committed to the empowerment of poor and working people. The West-Abdullah ticket aims to appeal to Muslim Americans and Black Americans who are dissatisfied with President Biden's policies, offering a vision for reparations reform and a more equitable future.

The Democratic National Committee dismissed West's candidacy, stating that only Biden and Trump have a path to 270 electoral votes. However, West and Abdullah believe the two main U.S. political parties are "irredeemable" and want to "disrupt the narrative that you have only two choices." Their historic all-Black presidential ticket, the first in American history, is grounded in principles of racial justice, economic equity, and transformative social change.

Key Takeaways

  • Cornel West, an independent candidate, declares both major parties "beyond redemption".
  • West's campaign, along with RFK Jr.'s, could impact the 2024 election by drawing Democratic votes.
  • West's VP pick is Melina Abdullah, a BLM co-founder, aiming to appeal to Muslims and Blacks.
  • West and Abdullah believe the parties are "irredeemable" and want to "disrupt the narrative".
  • Their historic all-Black presidential ticket is grounded in racial justice and economic equity.