Deputy CM Vikramarka Seeks INDIA Bloc Support to Defeat BJP in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

Telangana Dy CM seeks INDIA bloc's backing to challenge BJP in 2024 Lok Sabha polls, aims to unite opposition to protect democracy and constitution.

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Deputy CM Vikramarka Seeks INDIA Bloc Support to Defeat BJP in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

Deputy CM Vikramarka Seeks INDIA Bloc Support to Defeat BJP in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

On April 21, 2024, Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka met with CPI leadership to request backing from the INDIA bloc coalition partners for the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The goal of the meeting was to unite the opposition parties to defeat the BJP and protect democracy and the constitution.

Vikramarka aimed to secure the backing of the INDIA bloc, in order to challenge the ruling BJP in the national elections. The INDIA bloc's major objective is to defeat the 'communal' BJP and ensure the country's progress by protecting the Constitution, democracy, and people's rights, including those of farmers. They also promise to address issues like unemployment, rising prices, and the country's growing debt.

During the meeting, the leaders discussed strengthening the INDIA bloc and ensuring the 'communal forces' are defeated. Bhatti emphasized that these elections will be vital for the nation's future, its republic, people's liberty, and the constitution. He stated that the INDIA bloc is striving to protect democracy and the constitution by uniting all the secular forces in the country, and they will make a coordinated effort to achieve results in these Lok Sabha elections and prevent the BJP from returning to power.

Why this matters: The 2024 Lok Sabha elections are seen as a critical battle for the future of India's democracy and constitutional values. The opposition parties have formed the INDIA bloc to challenge the BJP, which they accuse of becoming an 'electoral autocracy' and undermining democratic principles.

The INDIA bloc believes they can stop the BJP within 180-200 seats and form a stable government. The Congress party, as a member of the INDIA bloc, is focusing on retaining power in the South and gaining seats from the BJP in the Northeast. Vikramarka explained that the Congress government in Telangana is facing high expectations from the society, including good governance, accountability, employment opportunities, and a corruption-free government. He stated that the Congress is confident of winning 12-14 seats comfortably in Telangana, as the BRS and BJP have formed an alliance to assist one another, but the state will never accept their plans.

Key Takeaways

  • Telangana Dy CM seeks INDIA bloc support for 2024 LS polls to defeat BJP
  • INDIA bloc aims to protect democracy, constitution, and address key issues
  • 2024 LS polls seen as critical for India's democracy, INDIA bloc confident of results
  • Congress to focus on retaining power in South, gaining seats from BJP in Northeast
  • Telangana Congress confident of winning 12-14 seats, BRS-BJP alliance faces rejection