DeSantis Leads as Top Choice for Trump's Running Mate in 2024 Poll

A new poll shows Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the top choice for Donald Trump's running mate, with 15% support among Republicans. Trump has not announced his selection process, leaving the decision uncertain despite DeSantis' lead in the poll.

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DeSantis Leads as Top Choice for Trump's Running Mate in 2024 Poll

DeSantis Leads as Top Choice for Trump's Running Mate in 2024 Poll

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, speculation is mounting over who former President Donald Trump might select as his running mate. A new poll of 538 Republicans conducted in early May 2024 shows Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emerging as the clear frontrunner, with 15% support. DeSantis outpaces other potential contenders like Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Greg Abbott.

Why this matters: The choice of a running mate can significantly impact the outcome of the presidential election, as it can influence voter perceptions and sway undecided voters. Moreover, given Trump's legal troubles, the selection of a running mate could ultimately determine thenext President of the United States.

The I&I/TIPP poll, which has a margin of error of +/- 4.3%, asked respondents about their top and second choices for Trump's vice president. DeSantis led in both categories, garnering 14% as the second choice pick. By combining the two totals, the Florida governor captures a commanding 29% of the overall vote share. Haley, the former U.N. Ambassador, placed second with 8% as the top choice and reached double digits in the combined totals.

The poll results suggest that Republican voters prioritize a running mate who is "steady, experienced, popular, and accomplished" and a "known quantity." DeSantis, who has governed Florida since 2019, fits this mold as a conservative leader with a track record of enacting policies popular with the GOP base. His national profile has grown in recent years, making him a rising star in the party.

Despite the poll findings, Trump has not tipped his hand about his vice presidential selection process. The former president's spokesman Brian Hughes emphasized that "Only President Trump will rule a contender for Vice President in or out, and anyone claiming to know who he will choose is lying." Trump has previously floated other potential running mates like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and Senator Tim Scott.

The choice of a running mate could prove pivotal for Trump, given his mounting legal troubles and the possibility that he may be unable to complete his campaign. Historically, 15 vice presidents have ascended to the presidency, underscoring the importance of the role. As the Republican National Convention draws closer, Trump's decision will be closely watched by party leaders, donors, and voters alike.

While DeSantis tops the latest poll, the ultimate decision rests with Trump himself. The former president's unconventional style and penchant for surprises mean that his vice presidential pick could still be a wildcard. Regardless of his choice, Trump's running mate will play a significant role in shaping the trajectory of the 2024 presidential race and the future of the Republican Party.

Key Takeaways

  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads as Trump's potential running mate with 15% support.
  • DeSantis is seen as a "steady, experienced, popular, and accomplished" leader by Republican voters.
  • The choice of running mate could impact the election outcome and even determine the next President.
  • Trump has not revealed his selection process, and his spokesman says only Trump knows his VP pick.
  • The ultimate decision will be closely watched by party leaders, donors, and voters ahead of the Republican National Convention.