Edo Assembly Candidate Pledges Respect for Benin Monarch and Tradition

APC candidate Valentine Okpebholo pledges to respect the Benin monarch and uphold traditional values in Edo State, Nigeria. He also claims to have intervened to get contractors to resume work on abandoned federal road projects in the state.

Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed
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Edo Assembly Candidate Pledges Respect for Benin Monarch and Tradition

Edo Assembly Candidate Pledges Respect for Benin Monarch and Tradition

Valentine Okpebholo, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for the Edo State House of Assembly, has pledged to respect the Benin monarch, Oba Ewuare II, and uphold the traditional values of his constituents ahead of the upcoming election in Edo State, Nigeria. Okpebholo emphasized his commitment to preserving the cultural heritage and holding the office of the Benin monarch and other royal fathers in high esteem, in contrast to the current Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration.

During his campaign, Okpebholo assured his supporters that he and his running mate, Hon. Dennis Idahosa, will directly address the concerns of the people without resorting to lies or deception. He expressed confidence in winning the election and taking over the state from what he described as an 'anti-people regime'.

Why this matters: The pledge by Okpebholo to respect traditional institutions and values resonates with the cultural sensibilities of the Edo people. It highlights the importance of preserving cultural heritage and the role of traditional rulers in the political landscape of Edo State.

Okpebholo also claimed that contractors working on federal roads have returned to complete abandoned projects after he and the Edo APC leader, Adams Oshiomhole, intervened. "We got the contractors working on federal roads to return to site and complete the abandoned road projects," he stated.

The APC candidate's commitment to respecting traditional institutions and addressing the needs of the people has positioned him as a strong contender in the upcoming Edo State House of Assembly election. As the campaign progresses, Okpebholo's pledge to uphold the values and traditions of the Benin kingdom while focusing on the development of the state will likely shape the political discourse leading up to the polls.

Key Takeaways

  • APC candidate Okpebholo pledges to respect Benin monarch, uphold traditional values.
  • Okpebholo and running mate vow to address people's concerns without lies or deception.
  • Okpebholo claims he and Oshiomhole got contractors to resume abandoned road projects.
  • Okpebholo's commitment to traditions and development positions him as a strong contender.
  • Okpebholo's pledge to uphold Benin values and address state needs will shape political discourse.