CENI Vice President Calls for Peaceful Elections in Kasaï-Central Province

Didi Manara, CENI's second VP, visits Kasai-Central to oversee preparations for upcoming DRC elections, emphasizing the importance of a peaceful and transparent process.

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CENI Vice President Calls for Peaceful Elections in Kasaï-Central Province

CENI Vice President Calls for Peaceful Elections in Kasaï-Central Province

Didi Manara, the second vice-president of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), visited Kananga, the capital of Kasai-Central province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to oversee preparations for the upcoming senatorial and gubernatorial elections scheduled for April 29, 2024. During his official visit, Manara emphasized the importance of conducting these elections in a peaceful environment.

Manara highlighted the vital role that Kasai-Central, as a central province, plays in the electoral process. The purpose of his visit is to ensure the smooth organization of the elections and the effective functioning of the Candidature Reception and Processing Offices (BRTC), which are instrumental in ensuring transparent and fair elections.

Why this matters: The upcoming senatorial and gubernatorial elections in the DRC are an essential step towards strengthening democratic institutions and ensuring political stability in the country. Peaceful and transparent elections in Kasai-Central province will set a positive example for the rest of the nation and contribute to the overall credibility of the electoral process.

Manara expressed his commitment to upholding democratic standards and maintaining a calm atmosphere during the elections. He stated, "This oversight mission is a vital step towards solidifying the credibility of the electoral process in the DRC and fostering trust among citizens in the institutions responsible for election management."

The CENI vice president's visit to Kananga underscores the importance of the upcoming elections in Kasai-Central province and the need for a peaceful and transparent electoral process. As the April 29 election date approaches, Manara's call for calm and his commitment to ensuring the smooth functioning of the BRTC demonstrate the CENI's dedication to upholding democratic principles and fostering trust in the electoral system.

Key Takeaways

  • Didi Manara, CENI VP, visited Kasai-Central to oversee election preparations.
  • Kasai-Central is a central province crucial to the DRC's electoral process.
  • Upcoming senatorial and gubernatorial elections are essential for democratic stability.
  • Manara emphasized the need for peaceful and transparent elections to build trust.
  • CENI is committed to upholding democratic principles in the electoral process.