Goa Election Commission to Plant 5,400 Saplings at Green Polling Booths

Goa's "Green Elections" initiative plants 5,400+ fruit-bearing trees at polling booths, promoting voter participation and environmental sustainability.

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Goa Election Commission to Plant 5,400 Saplings at Green Polling Booths

Goa Election Commission to Plant 5,400 Saplings at Green Polling Booths

The Goa State Election Commission, in collaboration with the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), has announced a plan to establish 'green polling booths' in the South Goa district for the upcoming Lok Sabha election. As part of this initiative, over 5,400 fruit-bearing saplings will be planted at 862 polling booths and along two highway stretches in Salcete and Canacona on May 7, 2024.

Asvin Chandru, the District Collector and Returning Officer (RO) for the south parliamentary seat, stated that 4,310 fruit-bearing plants will be planted at the polling booths, while an additional 1,100 plants will be planted along the highway stretches. The plantation drive will be carried out by the polling teams and their respective Booth Level Officers (BLOs). The spots identified for the highway plantation are government-owned land.

Why this matters: This initiative not only aims to increase voter participation but also contributes to environmental protection. By planting fruit-bearing trees, the Goa Election Commission is taking a step towards creating a greener and more sustainable future for the state.

The primary goal of this initiative is twofold: to increase voter participation and to protect the environment. By creating green polling booths, the Election Commission hopes to encourage more citizens to exercise their right to vote while also raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.

In addition to the plantation drive, the authorities have received 10 poll-related complaints. However, upon investigation, no violations of the model code of conduct were found. "We have received 10 complaints so far, but no violation of the model code of conduct was found," Chandru confirmed.

The Goa State Election Commission's decision to establish green polling booths and plant thousands of fruit-bearing saplings is a commendable effort to promote both civic engagement and environmental sustainability. As the Lok Sabha election approaches, this initiative sets a positive example for other states to follow, emphasizing the importance of integrating environmental conservation into the electoral process.

Key Takeaways

  • Goa to establish 'green polling booths' with 5,400+ fruit-bearing saplings.
  • Plantation drive to be carried out by polling teams and Booth Level Officers.
  • Initiative aims to increase voter participation and environmental protection.
  • No violations of model code of conduct found in 10 poll-related complaints.
  • Goa's effort sets a positive example for integrating environment and elections.