Prime Minister Abela Announces New Aid Scheme for Local Councils Ahead of 2024 Elections

Prime Minister Abela announces new aid scheme for Maltese local councils ahead of 2024 elections, as opposition criticizes government's record and voters remain undecided.

Nimrah Khatoon
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Prime Minister Abela Announces New Aid Scheme for Local Councils Ahead of 2024 Elections

Prime Minister Abela Announces New Aid Scheme for Local Councils Ahead of 2024 Elections

Prime Minister Robert Abela has announced a new aid scheme for local councils in Malta to support their work and projects, ahead of the June 8, 2024 local and European Parliament elections. The announcement was made by Abela and reported in the L-orizzont newspaper, although specific details about the aid scheme and its implementation have not been provided yet.

Abela stated that the central government had meetings with local councils to discuss the future of their localities, and the new aid program will cover various projects carried out by the councils. He criticized the opposition Nationalist Party, accusing them of trying to "turn the clock back" and regain power, and said the government would continue to move the country forward. Abela also reiterated Malta's commitment to peace and neutrality, rejecting calls for investment in the arms industry.

Why this matters: The upcoming local and European Parliament elections on June 8, 2024 are being seen as important mid-terms by both the ruling Labour Party and the opposition Nationalist Party. The new aid scheme for local councils is part of the government's preparations for these elections and its efforts to address local issues and concerns.

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech urged voters to "be the change they want to see" and send a message to the government in the upcoming elections. Grech criticized the government's handling of the cost of living, transport and traffic issues, and environmental policies, promising that a Nationalist Party administration would introduce measures to address these concerns, such as segregated bus lanes and incentives for those who give up their cars.

A recent Times of Malta survey shows Roberta Metsola and Alex Agius Saliba emerging as the clear frontrunners for the upcoming MEP elections, with Metsola leading at 21.5% of voters' preference and Agius Saliba at 20.2%. However, a significant 41% of voters still remain undecided. The survey also reveals that the Labour Party (PL) is currently leading the Nationalist Party (PN) by 10.2 percentage points.

Prime Minister Abela challenged the Opposition's critical view of the country and called on supporters to continue spreading the Labour Party's message. He emphasized the government's faith in the population and its efforts to create a space for incentives and growth, noting that other countries are looking towards Malta with wonder. Abela promised that the government will never leave anyone behind, regardless of their background or needs.

In his announcement, Prime Minister Abela stated, "The government will be launching a strong programme of assistance for all Local Councils in Malta in the coming days. This assistance will enable the Local Councils to carry out upcoming projects and plans for the future of their localities." He highlighted the government's strategic decisions, such as price stability measures, which have resulted in the Maltese economy being among the strongest and most dynamic in the European Union.

Key Takeaways

  • PM Abela announces new aid scheme for local councils in Malta.
  • Upcoming local and EU elections seen as important mid-terms.
  • Opposition leader Grech criticizes govt's handling of cost of living, transport, environment.
  • Metsola and Agius Saliba emerge as frontrunners for MEP elections.
  • Abela promises govt will never leave anyone behind, touts economic strength.