Somaliland Sets Combined Presidential and Political Parties Elections for November 2024

Somaliland sets 2024 elections, commits to democracy amid challenges. 1.3M registered voters, IRIS-based anti-fraud system. International recognition urged to support progress.

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Somaliland Sets Combined Presidential and Political Parties Elections for November 2024

Somaliland Sets Combined Presidential and Political Parties Elections for November 2024

The Somaliland National Election Commission has announced that the combined presidential and political parties elections will be held on November 13, 2024. The Commission has pledged transparency and fairness in the electoral process.

According to the Commission, a total of 1,227,048 individuals have been registered to participate in the upcoming elections across Somaliland's six regions. The Maroodijeeh region has the highest number of registered voters at 497,734, while the Sahil region has the least at 92,620.

President Musa Behi Abdi quickly endorsed the election date set by the Commission, issuing a presidential decree confirming the concurrent occurrence of both the presidential and political association elections. The announcement was welcomed by all interested parties, including the three old political parties whose legal mandate had expired a year earlier due to various circumstances the country faced.

Despite the ongoing challenges, including the military conflict with the government in the Sool region last year, Somaliland remains committed to building a democratic nation. The upcoming election will utilize a pioneering IRIS and fingerprint-based anti-fraud system to further solidify the integrity of the electoral process.

Why this matters: Somaliland's determination to hold democratic elections amidst regional instability highlights its progress as a model of democracy in the Horn of Africa. The international community is urged to acknowledge Somaliland's efforts and consider extending recognition, supporting its continued development, and fostering peace in the region.

The total number of registered voters, at 1.3 million, represents a significant portion of the eligible population, though it falls short of the estimated 4 million individuals over the age of 15, suggesting potential voter disillusionment. Lasanod city, the administrative center of the Sool region, which witnessed military conflicts with the government last year, has recorded 48,861 registered voters, while Aynabo district retains the second-largest number of registered voters in the Sool region, totalling 35,565.

Key Takeaways

  • Somaliland to hold presidential and political party elections on Nov 13, 2024.
  • 1,227,048 individuals registered to vote across Somaliland's six regions.
  • President Behi endorsed the election date, welcomed by all political parties.
  • Somaliland committed to democracy despite regional instability, using an anti-fraud system.
  • 1.3M registered voters, short of the estimated 4M eligible, suggesting potential disillusionment.