Former Ghanaian MP Urges Parties to Respect Electoral Commission's Independence

Former MP Ebenezer Gilbert Nii Narh Nartey urges Ghana's two major parties to stop interfering with the Electoral Commission's operations. The limited voter registration exercise in Agona West Municipal area saw 176 applicants receive ID cards, with no major challenges reported.

Nitish Verma
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Former Ghanaian MP Urges Parties to Respect Electoral Commission's Independence

Former Ghanaian MP Urges Parties to Respect Electoral Commission's Independence

Ebenezer Gilbert Nii Narh Nartey, the former Member of Parliament for Ablekuma Central, has called on Ghana's two major political parties to refrain from interfering with the operations of the Electoral Commission (EC). His plea comes amidst an ongoing controversy surrounding the limited voter registration exercise, which has been marked by challenges and criticism from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Why this matters: The independence of the Electoral Commission is crucial for ensuring the credibility and integrity of Ghana's electoral process. If political parties are allowed to interfere with the EC's operations, it could lead to biased outcomes and undermine the trust of citizens in the democratic system.

In an interview on The Big Issue hosted by Selorm Adonoo on Citi FM on Saturday, Mr. Nartey expressed confidence in the EC's ability to function effectively if allowed to operate independently. "But for me, I think it is high time that these two political parties, both the NDC and the NPP, allow the EC to do its work," he stated. "...The fact is that when we allow institutions to work, we don't interfere in the works of the institutions, they operate and operate well."

The limited voter registration exercise, which took place in the Agona West Municipal area of the Central Region, saw a total of 176 applicants receive their identity cards after two days. The registrants consisted of 97 males and 79 females, with 101 guarantors vouching for them. Anobil Forson, the Agona West Municipal Director of the EC, reported that the exercise has been smooth so far, with no challenges during the first two days.

Forson commended the conduct of members from the NPP and NDC, urging them to continue collaborating with the EC to ensure the process's success. He cautioned under-aged individuals against registering, as it is against the law, and appealed to the guarantors to abide by the rules and regulations governing guarantorship to avoid prosecution.

Mr. Nartey's call for the NPP and NDC to stop interfering with the EC's operations emphasizes the need for the electoral body to operate freely and independently. His statement underscores the importance of allowing institutions to carry out their mandates without undue influence from political parties, ensuring the integrity and credibility of the electoral process in Ghana.

Key Takeaways

  • Former MP Nii Nartey urges NPP and NDC to stop interfering with Electoral Commission's operations.
  • Independence of EC crucial for credible and trustworthy electoral process in Ghana.
  • 176 applicants receive ID cards in Agona West Municipal area's limited voter registration exercise.
  • EC official commends NPP and NDC members for smooth conduct, warns against under-aged registration.
  • Allowing EC to operate independently ensures integrity and credibility of Ghana's electoral process.