Former Pakistan Army Chief Denies Role in Imran Khan's Ouster

Former Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Bajwa denies involvement in Imran Khan's ouster, swears on Quran; reveals insights into political dynamics and military's role in Pakistan.

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Former Pakistan Army Chief Denies Role in Imran Khan's Ouster

Former Pakistan Army Chief Denies Role in Imran Khan's Ouster

In a revealing interview on Geo News, senior journalist Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami shared details of his meeting with former Pakistan Army Chief General (r) Qamar Javed Bajwa. During the interaction at a wedding, Bajwa swore on a pocketsize copy of the Holy Quran, denying any involvement in the ouster of former Prime Minister Imran Khan through a no-confidence vote.

Shami recounted that Bajwa stated on oath, "I did not have any role in the no-trust vote against Imran Khan's government." "I never expressed any desire for an extension in my tenure during my service, nor did I make any request to any government official," Bajwa added, according to Shami.

The former army chief also denied playing a part in enabling Nawaz Sharif's travel to the UK on medical grounds, asserting that it was a decision made solely by Imran Khan's government. Bajwa admitted that the army extended full support to Khan's government during his tenure.

Imran Khan had previously accused the United States of conspiring with powerful quarters in Pakistan to remove his government. However, he later shifted his stance, expressing a willingness to improve relations with the US if re-elected.

Why this matters: The revelations by Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami shed light on the complex political dynamics in Pakistan and the role of the military in the country's governance. The interview provides insights into the perspectives of key figures involved in the recent political upheaval and its aftermath.

The Geo News program, which lasted around 25 minutes, also featured other participants such as Rana Sanaullah, Asma Sherazi, Sohail Khan, and Maliha Lodhi. Shami noted that Bajwa spoke about various issues off the record during their interaction. As Pakistan navigates its political landscape, the statements by the former army chief contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding the country's leadership and the military's influence in political affairs.

Key Takeaways

  • Bajwa swore on Quran he had no role in Imran Khan's ouster via no-confidence vote.
  • Bajwa denied seeking extension or making requests to govt during his tenure as army chief.
  • Bajwa claimed army fully supported Imran Khan's govt, denied enabling Nawaz Sharif's UK travel.
  • Imran Khan initially accused US of conspiring to remove him, later expressed willingness to improve US ties.
  • Interview provides insights into complex political dynamics and military's role in Pakistan's governance.