Former Tshwane Mayor Murunwa Makwarela Dies Suddenly at 52

Tshwane's former mayor Murunwa Makwarela, embroiled in fraud allegations, has died suddenly at 52, leaving a complex legacy and unanswered questions.

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Former Tshwane Mayor Murunwa Makwarela Dies Suddenly at 52

Former Tshwane Mayor Murunwa Makwarela Dies Suddenly at 52

Murunwa Makwarela, the former Executive Mayor of Tshwane, South Africa, has passed away suddenly at the age of 52. Makwarela's family confirmed that he died in the early hours of Tuesday morning at Leratong Hospital in Krugersdorp after a short illness, leaving them devastated and in shock.

Mncedi Ndzwanana, the current Speaker of the Tshwane metro council, announced Makwarela's death, describing it as a sad day for the city and the office of the Speaker, as Makwarela was his predecessor.

Prior to his sudden passing, Makwarela had been embroiled in controversy surrounding his insolvency status and allegations of fraud. In February 2023, he was elected as the Executive Mayor of Tshwane, but his tenure was short-lived due to the revelation that he had failed to disclose his insolvency, which made him ineligible to hold public office.

Makwarela was also facing two counts of fraud related to allegations that he submitted a fake rehabilitation court certificate to falsely indicate he was no longer insolvent. The City of Tshwane had employed the Hawks to investigate the authenticity of the certificate, which was found to be fraudulent, leading to Makwarela's resignation as mayor.

Why this matters: The sudden passing of Murunwa Makwarela, a prominent political figure in Tshwane, has sent shockwaves through the city and raised questions about the ongoing investigations into his alleged fraudulent activities. His death leaves a complex legacy, with a mix of respect for his public service and unanswered questions surrounding the controversies that marked his final months in office.

Reverend Dr. Abel Dube, the family spokesperson, requested privacy for the family as they grieve the loss of Makwarela, who is survived by his wife and two daughters. Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brink expressed sadness over Makwarela's passing, acknowledging the controversies during his tenure but offering prayers for the family to find comfort and peace during this difficult time.

Key Takeaways

  • Murunwa Makwarela, former Tshwane mayor, died suddenly at 52.
  • Makwarela faced fraud allegations over a fake insolvency certificate.
  • He was out on bail and had appeared in court for the charges.
  • Tshwane was seeking to recoup over R1.4 million paid to Makwarela.
  • Makwarela's death leaves a complex legacy with unanswered questions.